Why Facebook Is Such A Great Platform To Advertise On


Unless you have been living as a castaway on a deserted island the last ten years you have probably heard of the social media site giant Facebook! It’s extremely popular in Ireland where there are currently around 3,980,900 Facebook users- that’s 77.7% of the population!

The majority of these users are female, roughly 55%. People from the ages of 25 to 35 comprise the largest group of users, around 1,000,500. In other words, a whole bunch of people are active on Facebook daily!

So, that leads us to today’s topic- advertising on the world’s Number One social media site! Considering the huge number of Facebook users just in Ireland, there are guaranteed to be a lot of eyes on your ads!

While Facebook does very thoughtfully offer detailed information on how to go about taking advantage of their site’s incredible reach, using it can be a very complex and time-consuming process. Taking that into consideration, we highly recommend availing yourself of the expert services offered by

They know everything about the site’s ins and outs, and can help your ad campaigns get up and running fast, while using their experience to make them big selling successes!

Every day the number of businesses that are promoting their products and services on Facebook continues to grow. This growth is based on success, the social media site’s advertising platform has proven itself to be one of the most highly effective in all the World Wide Web.



Facebook is used by over 3 billion users around the world, a significant portion of the entire population of Earth! An incredible 30 billion Facebook ads are clicked every single year! One can be sure that considering those numbers the site is very likely to be a gathering place that your target market is very likely to make use of.

The old saying “Build it and they will come” springs to mind, your future customers are highly likely to be on Facebook right now, so give them something to click on!


Facebook’s targeting capabilities are nothing short of legendary! Facebook gives its advertisers the means to target anyone, anywhere!

Facebook has the unique ability to give you detailed information based on a wide variety of factors such as demographics, user’s actions, location, age bracket, interests, gender, contacts, language, shoe size and a host of others!

Low Cost


Considering the astronomical prices asked for traditional TV, radio, and newspaper ads it’s no wonder that only the largest mega-corporations can actually afford to use them, and when one also takes into account the fact that those media are losing viewers, listeners, and readers to internet platforms at an astounding pace, the question becomes “Would it be worth it?”

We can’t answer that fir you except to say that Facebook ads are a fraction of the price that traditional advertising mediums demand, and are guaranteed to reach millions of viewers! When advertising on Facebook you are the one in control of your advertising costs, and the money spent buys you so much more!

Audience Building

Facebook has a groundbreaking method to help its advertisers build audiences that is based on your existing customer’s Facebook profiles. This amazing tactic is called the “lookalike audience” function in which Facebook finds profiles similar to your customers, creating an audience of people who are more likely to engage with your business.

You can also add further customization to it that refines your targeting to ensure that your lookalike audience even more closely resembles your vision of potential customers.


It’s an unfortunate fact that sometimes even the most positive-looking prospects can suddenly evaporate into nothing, leaving without making a purchase. Facebook has developed a really great marketing tactic called “retargeting”, which also goes by the name “remarketing”.

The way it works is a user who has already visited your site or interacted with your business in some way is tracked from that point forward, and your ad is shown to them throughout their continuing Facebook journey.

This is a great strategy to give your prospects a reminder of what you have to offer, and statistics show that it brings business back to you, turning those stray prospects into real profits!

Now let’s get back to the concept of hiring a Facebook advertising agency and examine the wealth of benefits it can bring to your marketing campaigns.

Working with industry experts will free your time up from struggling with trying to do it all yourself so that you can put your focus where it will serve you best, working on your business’s important issues.


Having a dedicated agency developing, optimizing, and helping you to run your advertising campaigns will mean you can rest easy knowing it’s being done right!

When correctly implemented, Facebook ad campaigns yield excellent results. The following are some of the ingredients needed to ensure the success that an agency can provide!

  • Professionally designed and written ad copy, along with other branded content
  • Navigating and making the most of Facebook’s ad policies
  • A thorough understanding of your target audience based on experience
  • Creating professional-quality videos, gifs, and images

All the time and effort that is put into social media advertisements pays back rich dividends. To potential customers, your business’s ads are a reflection of the level of quality your goods and services offer.

Facebook users who view your ads will quickly form opinions about your brand based on the quality of the ads they are viewing.

The impressions they make will extend to your products, and services including your customer service, all based on the quality level of the ads that they see, so you want to make the best impression possible!

Why not let a professional Facebook advertising agency take care of all that for you so you don’t have to wrestle with it yourself, and can reap premium results? Just consider all the important work you will be able to accomplish if your hands are free to focus on running your business while enjoying the confidence of knowing your agency will be there to help it reach its maximum potential!