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5 Signs You Need a Better Facebook Marketing Strategy

Many people believe that running a successful marketing campaign isn’t very difficult today. This is because of numerous advertising channels companies have at their disposal. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth is that this task can prove to be pretty challenging, and the worst part is that many business owners don’t know how to read the telltale signs that it is not functioning as it should. Due to this reason, we have compiled a list of red flags you should watch out for.

1. Follower engagement


Has your number of followers increased? Do you get more likes, shares, and comments? If your answer to this question is negative, it is the first and the most obvious sign that you need to change your Facebook marketing strategy. Nowadays, people live their lives online.

They use the Internet to look for services and products they need, places to visit when going on a holiday, new restaurants to try out, etc. What’s more, they want to share their attitudes and opinions about certain things online. Now, if you notice that the engagement is lower than it used to be, there may be several reasons for it.

For example, your content may not be appealing enough, or you just don’t provide them with the information they need. Sometimes, you may post the photos and videos too often, so your followers got bored. Naturally, the last one may not be an issue necessarily, but it is still something you have to investigate. Remember that the only way to increase engagement is to give people exactly what they want.

2. Low sales

The whole point of a marketing strategy is to present your merchandise in the best way possible and persuade people to make a purchase. Obviously, you will probably not notice an immediate surge in sales, but it should be evident after some time. If this is not the case, it is time to make some changes. Yes, there may be several reasons why this is occurring, so you need to inspect each one to understand what the problem is.

Maybe the shopping instructions and links on your page aren’t clear. As you know, an enormous number of people buy things online, so you need to nudge them a bit in the right direction. Make sure that the links to your website and online store are visible to people the moment they visit the page. On the other hand, maybe you should work on the product description. Perhaps there isn’t enough information about the merchandise, or the descriptions aren’t appealing enough.

3. Poor communication


The main reason so many marketing campaigns fail nowadays is because customers don’t feel really connected to the brands. You don’t only have to create content that will entertain your followers, but you also have to show them you are at their disposal 24/7. Being able to provide people with information they need almost immediately is a crucial requirement you have to meet.

No, no one is going to wait for you to reply to their email or return their call. Do you know what they will do instead? That’s right. They will turn around and contact your competitors, who can answer all their questions immediately. Due to this reason, you need to find a way to be at your followers’ disposal at all times.

Naturally, this is not physically possible, but it is when the latest piece of technology comes in. Yes, we are talking about a chatbot. When it comes to Facebook, the chances are the clients will contact you via Messenger, and since you cannot respond to every single message, a chatbot will do it for you. According to Botsurfer, this software can provide you with several additional services, and installing it is pretty easy.

4. Not demonstrating your personality

While on the subject of communication, we have to tell you how important it is to show your company’s personality. Remember that you will have better chances of boosting your business and increasing sales if your customers feel comfortable collaborating with you. Clearly, you cannot achieve this goal if you don’t present yourself to them.

Sure, your merchandise should be the focal point of your content, but at the same time, you need to provide people with an opportunity to get to know you. According to numerous studies, people are more likely to purchase products from brands they trust. So, the next time you work on creating content, you should include some interesting facts about your business or you as the person behind it. People will appreciate you took the time to share this with them, and you will notice the results very quickly.

5. Ad design


Facebook ads are one of the numerous features this platform offers when it comes to marketing. If your marketing campaign isn’t bringing any success, these ads may be the issue. As you know, you can design these so that they will pop up to your target audience. These parameters are the first thing you should investigate.

Maybe you made a mistake or simply didn’t have the right image of people you should target. Whatever the case is, you need to make some changes. Moreover, may the design of the ads is not very appealing. Just because people see them, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will click on them. Once again, you have to go back to your target audience and create something that will grab their attention.

Wrapping up

To sum up, these are the most common reasons your Facebook marketing strategy may be failing. As you can see, it is fairly easy to notice some of the issues, while others may pose a challenge. Due to this reason, you need to set clear goals you want to reach before you launch the campaign. This way, you will be able to follow the progress over time, and at the same time, it will be easier to deal with the issues since you will be able to deal with them the moment they occur.