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Why Direct Mail Marketing Is So Popular Among Experienced Realtors

Direct mail marketing is a type of marketing where certain information is delivered to a potential client’s mailbox. The advertiser will include their business information and other content on postcards, flyers, or catalogs. One of the ways real estate agents spread the word about their business to potential clients is direct mail advertising.

Real estate has a challenging market, and to stay ahead of your competitors, you need to find a perfect way to advertise your business. You can create realtor postcards and use direct mail marketing to send them to your potential clients.

Experienced realtors have mastered different ways to advertise their business, and one of the most popular methods they use is direct mail advertising.

Here are seven reasons why direct mail marketing is popular among experienced realtors, and you can learn more at Wise Pelican.

Ensures Direct Communication


As the name says, direct mail marketing ensures you have direct communication with your targeted audience. When you create your realtor postcards, the next step is to select your potential clients. After picking a certain area, you can send the postcards directly through their mail.

Your targeted audience will receive the postcards and read the information you have printed on the postcard. Depending on the service you have selected, the postcards might be sent to certain homes severally to ensure the occupants know about your services.

Builds Long Term Relationships

Experienced realtors know that building long-term relationships with clients is important because they will likely need your services in the future.

One mistake new real estate agents make is to think that they do not need to have long-term relationships with clients in the real estate business. After helping clients sell or buy a house, they think there is nothing else to do for that client.

Realtor postcards can help you establish long-term relationships with clients because most people move a lot during their life. If you successfully help clients buy or sell a house, they will keep your realtor postcards and contact you when they need to buy or sell their home.

Offer Tangible Marketing


There are many forms of marketing used by real estate agents, such as TV/radio ads, newspaper ads, and billboards, among others. Most of these advertising forms are not tangible and depend on a potential client’s ability to remember. If a client saw your advert on a TV and decided to sell their house after six months, the chances are, they will not remember your contact.

Direct mail marketing ensures that your potential clients have a tangible item that they can hold on to and refer to in the future. When a potential client receives some of your realtor postcards, they will keep them and contact you when they need to buy or sell their house.

Suppose the client is looking at different realtors. Your postcard can work to your advantage if they can easily refer to the postcard whenever they need a question answered instead of waiting for your advert to come on the TV or drive to the mall to look at your billboard.

Affordable and Fast

Sending realtor postcards using direct mail will ensure that your targets receive your information as fast as possible. Direct mail marketing is also affordable compared to other forms of marketing such as TV ads or magazine ads.

When you select a reliable service, your potential client will receive your realtor postcards within a short time. You have to design the postcards and let the company take care of the delivery.

Experienced realtors use direct mail marketing because it helps them worry less about marketing and concentrate on serving their clients. Selecting a reliable mailing company will also ensure that you get services and advice on making your direct mail marketing more effective.

Gives Social Proof


Social proof is an important motivator for clients in the real estate industry, and direct mail marketing can help show the locals how you have been helpful in the community.

Experienced realtors usually rely on their experience in the business to convince people that they have the right skills to help them buy or sell a house. However, social proof is also important because it shows your target how you have helped people in your selected area buy or sell a house.

One way of showing social proof is by including testimonials on your realtor postcards. When your potential clients receive the postcards and read some of the testimonials, they will be glad that you have helped someone in the neighborhood find a home or sell their house and might seek your services in the future.

Offering Services at the Appropriate Time

One thing that makes realtor postcards a great marketing tool is timing. You need to know when it is time to send your postcards to certain areas and when to stop. The real estate market is usually busy from May to August, and you can select automated direct mail services to start sending your realtor postcards a few months early.

An experienced realtor knows the real estate market trends in their area and will use direct mail marketing to send their postcards. Knowing the trends will save you money by avoiding sending postcards when the real estate market is experiencing a downturn.

Direct mail marketing also ensures that you keep in touch with your target audience. When you keep sending realtor postcards, a few of them will get to homes where the occupants are planning to sell their home and buy a better home; hence will contact you and enquire about your services.

Realtor Postcards Are Popular and Effective


Direct mail marketing is one of the most effective ways of marketing your real estate business. It offers you tangibility, affordable and fast communication, local social proof, and the ability to send realtor postcards at appropriate times. In addition to postcards, you can also use letters, catalogs, and flyers from Oppizi to market your real estate business to potential clients. These flyers can highlight your featured properties, provide valuable market insights, and showcase your expertise as a realtor. These services enable you to reach a wider audience, creating a lasting impression and fostering trust among potential clients in the competitive real estate market.

If you want a perfect direct mail marketing project, ensure you have a local approach, select the perfect time, create a sense of urgency, and always include an irresistible offer. If you are starting your realtor career, you need to get your direct mail marketing strategy right to compete with the experienced realtors in your area.