Does Telemarketing Still Exist In The Digital Age?

Marketing is what makes the world go round, and it’s not a secret there are many different forms of it. Some brands and businesses prefer to directly speak with their customers to convince them of the quality of their products. Other businesses promote through influencers and celebrities, letting others do the “convincing” for them. 

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what type of marketing you’ll choose for your product, as long as it works and makes your business go forward in revenue each year. However, for marketing agents, this makes a lot of difference, as they are the ones who need to do all the thinking behind the process itself. 

In today’s article, we’re talking about Telemarketing and we’ll see whether it’s still as powerful a marketing tool as it was in the past. There’s no denying that telemarketing was the OG marketing method back in the day, but can it still stand strong with all the new tools we have today? Let’s take a look. 

Why was Telemarketing so popular back in the day?


When the concept of Telemarketing appeared people find it quite appealing because it was a modern and direct way of getting in touch with your customers. Other methods were using letters which is something that costs a lot due to the materials needed for the process of knocking on people’s doors which is even more difficult to do because it’s so slow and “invasive” in some people’s eyes. 

Telemarketing is like the sweet spot. You don’t need to have direct contact with a person and you always have the option to ignore the call, which would be quite rude to do if someone were to knock on your door to present a product. 

The “Ying and Yang” of the digital era 

A lot of people think the digital era is what destroyed telemarketing, and although that’s true to some extent, it’s also what brought it back to life. Sounds strange right? Yes, because it is. Here’s the thing. 

Due to the artificial and not-organic way of presenting products nowadays, a lot of people started appreciating the importance of direct communication. Nowadays there are a lot of scams in the world of digital marketing, such as shady anonymous mails for example, so when someone calls you to tell you about their product, at least it’s organic and you know who’s calling. It’s authentic and more trustworthy compared to other marketing methods, and most people appreciate that. 

But, the story doesn’t end here. Unfortunately, due to the technology we have these days, it’s quite easy to automate telemarketing and make it a low-effort script-reading fiesta that’s equally as spammy as bad-written e-mails sent from someone with a hidden identity. So, the answer to the question of whether telemarketing is still efficient nowadays is that it depends on its quality and authenticity. 

Interactive telemarketing


Telemarketing nowadays is not as bland as it was back in the past. Nowadays people can interact with the call center and choose a few options, one of them being when they want to receive the call. You no longer have to be interrupted by a completely random call, and that’s a great step towards a sophisticated telemarketing system. For more information you can always check out

Telemarketing doesn’t always work, but when it does it does wonder 

Some people, especially the millennials, cringe at the thought of picking up a phone and talking to a stranger about a product they’re trying to sell. Then, you have the possibility of calling while someone is not home or is simply unable to answer your call. All these things make Telemarketing not-so-reliable, but it doesn’t end here. If everything goes right and the person answers your call, then ends up liking your product, you are almost guaranteed to make a sale, and that’s where Telemarketing shines. It’s so much easier to convince someone and make them believe in your authenticity through the phone rather than an e-mail or something similar.  

Telemarketing helps you get to know your customers better


By sending out e-mails and creating digital ads you can’t get to know the personas of your customers. These methods won’t help you customize your next marketing campaigns, but Telemarketing will. If your agents take notes and analyze the behavior and impressions of your customers while talking to them over the phone, you’ll know how to impress them, even more, the next time you prepare a product pitch. 

Telemarketing is also not the only thing that’s needed to close down a sale. I mean, sure if it works but in most cases after the call, customers will ask to receive more info about the product either by mail or by receiving a sample if it’s that type of a product. So, combining all tools in one is the most optimal thing you can do for progress, but it all starts with telemarketing and that’s what makes it so important. 

The importance of relationship building

Even those who aren’t remotely familiar with marketing will agree that building relationships and a network work much better when you have direct contact with your clients and customers. Simply put, a phone-call builds more trust than an automated Instagram message or an E-Mail. This is why people still believe in telemarketing and think it’s one of the best and most honest types of advertising, promoting, and network-building.  


Nowadays some people are afraid to pick up the phone when an unknown number is calling, while others are amazed at the thought someone took the time off to call them in person and pitch their product. This is why we feel like Telemarketing is still alive and kicking and it can be a really useful marketing method when it works. 

Telemarketing is also something that improved over the past few years so it’s by no means the same concept it was a few decades ago. It can still be used as a great tool for advertising and forming connections.