Gorgeous Trex Composite Decking Ideas To Try in 2024

Have you got a large backyard that feels empty no matter how many trees, plants, or flowers you plant in it? Even when you put some decorative elements or furniture, it still feels like it is missing something. Well, were not because this is something that everyone experiences. At least, everyone that does not have a deck on their property. So, yes, if you want to fill up the space of your backyard, you should consider building a Trex composite decking in 2024.

However, building a deck is not a simple project. It is going to cost you a lot of money and it will also take a lot of your free time. Because it is such a stressful and frustrating project, you will need to find the right time and place in 2024 to start working on it.

But, that is not all. While looking for the right time to start your project, you also need to look at different ideas, styles, shapes, materials, and a bunch of other factors. It is very important to find the right design for your backyard.

To make this whole process a little bit easier for you, I decided to write this article and share several gorgeous Trex composite decking ideas that were popular in 2024 and will probably still be used in 2024.

Why Trex composite?


While looking at the options available and while reading through the Internet, I assume that a lot of people will be confused since a lot of companies and guides like this article recommend using composite material instead of real wood. I know, everyone appreciates real wood much better than any other alternative because it looks and feels much better.

However, there is a big problem with using real wood for the outdoor environment. When processed, it is not weather-friendly at all. It can start decomposing quite quickly after heavy amounts of rain or snow. It also not good to leave it baking under the sun for longer periods of time. There are quite a few reasons why you should forget about regular planks made out of wood.

Instead, you should go with a composite material because it is much more durable and weather friendly as suggested by this website. Whether there is rain, snow, or sunshine outside, it can withstand anything.

Now once you understand why you should go for composite instead of wood, I can start listing some of the ideas that I found to be very interesting.

Two-tone color scheme

Since the composite decking is made out of a lot of different materials, you can basically choose any color you want. The options are unlimited. Having more options is great, however, it is also a disadvantage because you will have a much harder time picking the right color for your backyard.

So, if you are having a hard time making a decision and picking the right type of color, there is a solution to that problem. You can just go with a two-tone color scheme.

Obviously, when going with the two-tone in fact, I recommend going with lighter planks combined with darker. This will make your deck look ridiculously good. From what I have seen online, most people build the outer layer of the deck with darker composite while the inside layer, the core, is made with light-colored planks.

Of course, this is your project and you can experiment as much as you want. Create a design with your own style.

Round shaped Trex composite decking


While browsing the Internet, I probably went through hundreds, if not thousands of photographs of different decks. Some were bad, some were good and most of them were great. However, I did notice one trend that I do not particularly like.

Almost all of the decks I saw were taking a square or rectangular shape. This trend is popular because it makes it flush with the house or the building. I understand why people want that shape and style, but I think that it is much more attractive to have a rounded shape for a deck. It makes things a little bit more interesting. It adds some curves that both your house and backyard do not have.

There is nothing wrong with being unique and experimenting with new ideas.

Extended “living room” deck

This has got to be one of my favorite designs of a deck in a backyard. It might be very difficult to execute and it may be a little bit more expensive than the other options. Nevertheless, the idea is great so maybe it is worth the money.

The entire design of the deck is completely different from what we are used to. Instead of going down the regular root of adding a decking right next to the house, it is directly connected with the living room. To explain it better, it is like the living room has been extended into the backyard.

During the warmer seasons, you open up the glass doors and the living room is open to the backyard. The deck is now part of the living room. Once the colder seasons start to come, you close down the glass doors and now the living room is a bit smaller, but you still have the deck outside.

It is a unique idea that requires a lot of courage to execute.

Composite island decking


For those that are looking for something a little bit different, I recommend building an island decking. It may not seem like much, but considering that most people connect their deck with the house, I think that building a deck that is completely separate from your house is going to be much more interesting.

Most people like to refer to this as an island decking. It is still in your backyard, it is still close and a great place to have some lunch with your friends or family members, but it is still a much different way to execute this kind of project.

I could probably list hundreds of other Trex composite decking designs that I like, but I believe these that I mentioned above are the ones I love the most