Feels Like Spring in NYC: Add These to Your Playlist!

Want it to feel like spring in New York? Of course you do. We’ve got a couple of floral-inspired suggestions for you to add to your playlist.

Send this to that special someone or immerse yourself in sounds that will make you want to head to your nearest city Floral shop! (Might we suggest Sahola Flowers for your next purchase?)

1. “Chelsea Morning” – Joni Mitchell

Joni Mitchell’s “Chelsea Morning” captures the vibrant spirit of New York’s Chelsea neighborhood. Released in 1969, this song paints a vivid picture of a sunny morning in the city, where the urban landscape meets the awakening of nature.

2. “New York State of Mind” – Billy Joel

Billy Joel’s “New York State of Mind” is a heartfelt homage to the city that never sleeps. This 1976 release evokes the feelings of nostalgia and love for New York. While not directly about flowers, the song’s lyrics capture the energy and allure of the city’s streets.

3. “Daisy Jane” – America

In “Daisy Jane” by the band America, picture a daisy garden with the backdrop of New York City. Released in 1975, the song tell a story of longing and love, an inspiring tale of love amidst an urban landscape.

4. “Central Park Blues” – Nina Simone

Nina Simone’s “Central Park Blues” offers a glimpse into the heart of New York’s iconic Central Park. This 1959 composition invites you to envision the park’s lush landscapes, capturing the serene beauty of the natural oasis in the midst of the city’s hustle.

5. “Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall” – Simon & Garfunkel

Simon & Garfunkel’s “Flowers Never Bend with the Rainfall” muses on life’s uncertainties against the backdrop of NYC. The song, from their 1966 album “Parsley, Sage, Rosemary and Thyme,” indirectly connects the resilience of flowers to the resilience of human spirit in the ever-changing cityscape.

6. “Rosie” – Tom Waits

While “Rosie” by Tom Waits might not be specifically about flowers, it paints an intimate picture of love and companionship. Released in 1980, the song captures the essence of relationships against the backdrop of New York’s vibrant streets, where love blooms in unexpected places.

7. “Flowers” – Regina Spektor

Regina Spektor’s “Flowers” captures the whimsical beauty of flowers in the city. This 2009 release weaves an imaginative narrative of a girl planting flowers in the cracks of the city’s sidewalks. The song, with its charming lyrics and piano melodies, conjures a sense of magic within the urban landscape.

These songs are more than just melodies; they are stories that blend the allure of flowers with the dynamic energy of New York City. Through these songs, artists paint a picture of life’s rhythms, the metropolis, and the beauty that blooms in unexpected places.

In the realm of music, the fusion of flowers and the vibrant cityscape of New York creates a mesmerizing tapestry of melodies that reflect the complexities of life and the beauty of nature.

These songs bridge the gap between urbanity and the natural world, reminding us that even amidst the bustling streets, the delicate allure of flowers can find its place.

Now, let us shift our gaze from the rhythm of these tunes to the quiet inspiration that flowers offer—a timeless source of beauty, solace, and harmony.

Flowers – NYC’s Muse of the Seasons

Flowers – NYC’s Muse of the Seasons

Flowers, in all their beauty, have served as a source of inspiration since we can remember. In their intricate petals and vibrant hues, we find a reflection of life’s complexity and a reminder of the fleeting nature of existence.

From poets to painters, composers to writers, flowers have blossomed their way into every medium imaginable, from timeless masterpieces to everyday musings.

In the realm of poetry, flowers are a favorite subject, with verses that capture their essence in words as vibrant as their petals. Poets often liken the ephemeral nature of flowers to the transience of human life, weaving a tapestry of emotions that range from joy to melancholy.

As Wordsworth found solace in a host of golden daffodils, Emily Dickinson penned verses that encapsulate the enigmatic allure of a simple bloom.


The world of art finds endless inspiration in the delicate hues and intricate patterns of flowers. Painters have captured their beauty on canvas, using vibrant strokes to convey the essence of each petal.

Georgia O’Keeffe’s iconic flower paintings, for instance, offer a magnified view of blossoms, allowing viewers to lose themselves in the intricate world of nature’s designs.

Music, like a gentle breeze, carries the essence of flowers in its melodies. Composers have often turned to flowers as metaphors, infusing their compositions with the emotions that these blooms evoke.

The lilting tunes of a waltz may mirror the swaying of petals in the wind, while a symphony might capture the vibrant energy of a garden in full bloom. Flowers have woven their fragrant tendrils into musical notes, creating harmonies that resonate with the human soul.


Writers, too, have dipped their pens in the inkwell of nature, crafting prose that blooms with the imagery of flowers. From F. Scott Fitzgerald’s poetic descriptions of gardens in “The Great Gatsby” to the symbolism of the rose in Victor Hugo’s “Les Misérables,” flowers become characters in narratives, reflecting the themes and emotions of the stories they inhabit.

The beauty of flowers is not limited to their aesthetic charm; it also reflects their silent wisdom. Flowers teach us the art of patience as they unfurl their petals, the strength to rise again after storms, and the power of simplicity in their delicate forms.

In their existence, they inspire us to find joy in the present moment and appreciate the fleeting beauty that life offers.

In the grand symphony of existence, flowers play a vital role, adding their vibrant notes to the melody of life. From the lyrical verses of poetry to the strokes of the artist’s brush, the inspiration they offer is immeasurable.

As we marvel at their delicate forms and vibrant hues, let us remember that flowers are not just fleeting moments of beauty; they are eternal muses that inspire creativity within us all.


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