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What Music Should Local Vape Shops Play In Daily?


Good music indeed has the potential to draw customers to a vape shop, but it is difficult to predict the perfect playlist, as it depends on numerous situations and customer choices.

It is essential to understand that when attracting customers, the first impression is the last. So, you must create a pleasant ambiance with suitable music that makes them comfortable.

This article will give you an idea about how you should choose a playlist for your vape shop and the genres of music you must opt for. However, before that, let’s let the significance of music in vape stores.

Why Should You Play Music in a Vape Shop?

Here are some reasons why you should play songs in a vape shop.

Increases Revenue

By playing the right music set in your store, you can attract potential customers, increasing your sales and revenue.

Differentiates Your Store from Others

Playing upbeat songs in your vape shop creates a differentiating factor, making your store unique and more lucrative than your competitors.

Develops a Friendly Atmosphere

With a good vape song playlist, you can develop a friendly atmosphere in your shop, rendering a good ambiance and experience for vapers.

Condenses Waiting Time

When you give an excellent vaping experience in your store itself, it condenses your buyers’ waiting time, enabling them to vibe while waiting in the queue to purchase their favorite vapes.

How to Find the Right Playlist for Your Vape Shop?


Vaping is always fun with beats. However, finding the best playlist for your vape store is never easy as every customer has a different taste in music. Some might prefer relaxing LOFI music, while others might like hip-hop.

Thus, you should test different playlists by playing them regularly to identify which music is mainly preferred by your customers. See how buyers react to each song to analyze the performance of your chosen playlist.

Try to keep switching the genres unless you observe people actually vibing with the music.

Music Playlist Ideas for Your Vape Store

To provide an excellent ambiance to vapers, you must play some vibing music.

However, if you are confused about choosing the apt songs, the following are some ideas you can incorporate into your playlist and play them out.

1. Misty Morning By Bob Marley and the Wailers

The reggae music industry king is Bob Marley, and this song by him is a good one to play in a vape shop owing to its soft rhythm.

The beat is quite light in this song, so while puffing in the cozy vape lounge of your store, customers will not only feel a pleasant vibe but also float in the clouds.

Moreover, the lyrics are too mesmerizing to help vapers travel to the depths of philosophy.

2. Writing on the Wall by French Montana

It is another great hip-hop song you can play in your vape store. French Montana sang it in collaboration with other artists.

The soothing lyrics of this song, as well as the fun beats, are the best combination for your Hyde disposable vaping sessions.

3. Stairway to Heaven By Led Zeppelin

It is one of the best rock songs we all have heard. Set in 1970, this song is ideal to be played in vape shops.

With a long playtime, it can take vapers on a whimsical journey and leave them guessing where they are.

This song will enable buyers to immerse in their vaping session deeply, motivating them to spend more time in your store.

4. Get Off My Cloud By The Rolling Stones

It is a popular English song that is quite high-spirited.

As the song conveys love for solitude, it can be an excellent choice for your vape shop’s playlist. Due to its soft music, most people are comforted and relaxed while hearing this song.

5. Green Grass Vapors by Angie Stone

The theme of this song is specifically made for the vaping community. Thus, playing this song in your vape store is a must-try.

As the singer talks about his vaping experience in this song, people hearing it can easily relate to the lyrics, enhancing their puff sessions.

This song is infused with R&B music and has a calming effect. Hence, it can easily uplift one’s mood, bringing a smile to their face.

6. Vapour Trail By Ride

This song, made by a British band, can be a perfect companion to your vaping sessions.

The strings and bass in this music are pretty melodic, making it ideal for a blissful vaping experience.

7. Whoopty by CJ

Whoopty is a vape song composed by CJ, a new artist in the hip-hop industry.

However, it is pretty popular, and the lyrics are loaded with deep bass, making the song ideal to be played in a vape store.

8. Reverse by Vic Mensa and G-Eazy

This is one song that should be played in every shop.

With beautiful and hypnotic beats, this song by Vic Mensa and G-Eazy is an excellent combination of rap and melodic rhythms, rendering your customers a fantastic vaping session.

9. Sold Out Dates by Gunna Lil Baby

Take your clouds with you as you ride off into the distance! Some of your favorite hip-hop artists contribute substantial portions of their words to this original music by French Montana.

This song’s mesmerizing music and easygoing words are ideal for weekend chill sessions and perfect for an enriched vaping session. Thus, it won’t be a bad idea to play it in your vape store.

10. Turks by NAV, Gunna, and Travis Scott

This song starts with aggressive beats and fast-paced lyrics, raising people’s heartbeats instantly.

The electric music blends smoothly, so your customers would want to listen to the song on repeat. So, do not miss out on this song to add to the playlist for your shop.

Summing Up

Numerous studies have revealed that inappropriate music selections have a negative impact on a shopper’s emotions, conduct, and buying experience.

Customers appreciate and feel comfortable talking and vaping while listening to the relaxing music played in vape stores. Doing so puts them in a good mood and creates a welcoming environment.