8 Valuable Gifts to Present To Your Buddy

Christmas is almost here, and it brings with itself the season of gifts! While Santa promises to deliver goodies and chocolates to the good kids, there are elders who deserve a bit of appreciation towards the end of the year too.

And what’s a better way to show your appreciation than by gifting some beautiful and useful items? If you’re confused about what to give to your buddies this year, fear not! Our list here is ready to help you out.

1. Bluetooth speaker


Boomboxes and microphones are a rage of the past. Our generation now believes in Bluetooth. A Bluetooth speaker from Sony or Bose is an ideal gift for your buddy if you guys love to party hard.

A typical Bose SoundLink Micro speaker costs just $79 on Amazon, so you won’t have to worry about burning a hole in your pocket too. The sound quality in these speakers is beyond amazing and crystal-clear, with a battery life that lasts up to 6-8 hours.

2. Weekender


Does your buddy love to travel or have “wanderlust” written all over their social media? Then gift them the twill weekender from Everlane.

This travel bag is priced at just $98 and is perfect for short weekend trips or for shoving it hastily on the airplane cabin. It is also completely water-resistant and has leather straps for ease. What’s more, it has gunmetal feet for extra stability!

3. Stationery gift sets


If your buddy is a big-shot CEO or loves to write, then stationery is the perfect choice for them. But stationery sets from just any company won’t be good enough; you need to give them something that looks gorgeous and works equally well. Head over to Bookbinders Design, a Swedish company that makes gifting so much easier.

Here, you’ll find a wide range of choices among gift sets at affordable prices. You can even customize the gift of your choice to add a little extra touch of love. With stationery items starting from as low as $25, you won’t ever have to think about spending too much on gift items!

4. Cooking class


Now, this can be an amazing gift-cum-experience for not just your friend, but for you too! If you and your friend think you guys can emerge as winners on MasterChef easily, then get a cooking class experience together.

Cindy’s Table is one such website based in Florida where you can book a cooking class any time you like. You can even invite the chef to your place according to your convenience. The best part? Cindy can plan a mouthwatering menu using ingredients requested by you and your friends.

From having a fun afternoon making some pizza or moving over to delicacies like pork ribs, there is nothing Cindy can’t cook or show!

5. ClassPass gift card


Did you know that among gym-goers who have a membership, around 63.3% visit the gym at least twice a week. In case your friend belongs to the gym freak category, gift them a ClassPass studio membership card.

This boutique fitness gym has a gift card starting from just $15 per class, or even less. They also offer special gym services if you and your friend sign up together. So make the New Year’s resolution a smoking hot bod for both of you now!

6. Self-care gift basket


For the friend who always seems to be the “parent” of the group, taking care of the others while forgetting about themselves, this self-care package is a perfect gift this Christmas.

Your best friend deserves to love and take care of themselves properly, and say this to them by giving them this lovely basket!

This gift box includes all kinds of spa treatments, including premium-quality soap, body butter, gratitude card, loofah, and mug. You can buy any such gift set from Amazon online at very low prices.

7. Blue light glasses


Most of us spend hours in front of the laptop or phone screen, tapping away and working till we drop. Naturally, our eyes tend to bear the most strain and can be damaged due to the blue light from laptop or TV screens.

If your friend works at a job where they have to keep staring at the computer, give them the Diff Bella glasses that cost just $49 dollars. The lens is made of premium scratch-resistant polymers, and with an additional price of just $15, you can even add a 2-year protection warranty against any accidental damage!

The most wonderful thing is that Diff, through each of its purchases, supports people in need of glasses, eye exams, or medicine. Thus when you purchase this pair of spectacles, you help someone who needs the power of sight too!

8. Cocktail machine


For the party animal in your friend, a cocktail or margarita machine is the ideal gift. Check out the Bartesian Premium Cocktail and Margarita machine on Amazon. Priced at just $345, this machine mixes your drink for you with just the push of a button. You can even set the dials to how strong you want the drink to be.

The machine was crafted by master bartenders and mixologists, and your friend won’t ever have to go through the hassle of stocking up the bar again. It is also very easy to clean and all the machine parts are dishwasher-friendly!

So the next time you guys feel like bar hopping, stay home instead and let Bartesian’s cocktail machine do its job!

Over to you…

Whether it’s for your buddy’s birthday or for Christmas, it’s important to gift them every now and then. After all, where would we be without them to lend their shoulders to us? From drunken nights together to playing football as kids, best friends surely have a hold on our lives like nobody else.
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So with the help of this list, gift them something special and meaningful and let them know how much you appreciate them!