Must-Have Health and Fitness Smartphone Apps

We need to stay fit and follow healthy living practices in our busily scheduled lives. With the gradual advancement of technology in recent times, many health and fitness applications have been developed for both android and iOS users.

These applications help people manage their lifestyles in a better and organized manner. You can fix appointments with doctors and even buy medicines using these applications. Here’s a list of the top-rated fitness and health applications that people have been mostly using in recent times.

Zones for training


This application is designed for iOS users. As the name says, with this application, people manage to stay in the safe zone, meaning the heart rate zone. This application integrates with your Apple Watch and helps you stay informed on your pulse.

This application thoroughly monitors your active heart rate and the rate when you are sleeping. Afterward, it helps you know when you have reached the peak activity level when you have just started to burn fat.

The Apple Watch already comes with a first-rate heart rate monitor built in it. The best companion that can enhance its utility is zones for training. If you are an experienced fitness freak, love to stay fit, and workout regularly, what can be more helpful than zones for training!

ShopWell: Better Food Choices

This is another useful application available for both iOS and Android users. The best part is it’s available for free from Google Play Store or Apple Store. If you are tired of trying out different foods and diet plans without any evident results, this is one application that you can try using. It simplifies your diet and lists exactly what your body needs.

Here, you can create your customized profile and enter useful details like your dietary goals, allergies, health concerns, food preferences, etc. According to the data you have entered, you would be given personalized nutrition scores. The application would then recommend food and other health practices that are expected to be useful for you.



With Fooducate, you know whether the food and health drinks you are consuming are at all useful for your body or not. If you are missing out on certain nutrients and your body needs them, Fooducate tracks it down and brings it to your notice.

When you enter the details of the food chart you follow, it will reflect on the ratio of good to bad carbs. From there, you can understand what you need to eliminate from your diet and which items you need to consume in larger amounts. If you are looking for something that gives you all information about food in one place, Fooducate is your one-stop destination.

Also, there’s a different section where innumerable healthy recipes are available. If you are tired of following your boring diet throughout the year, you can take a break and cook one of the healthy yet delicious recipes available on Fooducate.

Remente – Self Improvement

Another fitness application useful for both android and iOS users is Remente- Self Improvement. It has a star rating of 4.6, which is excellent and explains quite well how useful it’s for users. Staying healthy includes so much more than just eating right, drinking lots of water, and having a good night’s sleep.

Being healthy also means taking care of your mental health. If you are unsure about happiness or solace, this application will help you search for such things in life. A lot of people look for a goal in their life. If you are looking for that, you have come to the right place. Starting from day-to-day goals to long-term ones, this application will help you get your life sorted.

Moodpath: Depression and Anxiety


Again, a trusted application among Android and iOS users, this is a savior for people fighting against anxiety and depression. When you suffer from any mental condition, you find it hard to recognize mood changes.

Also, you tend to feel exhausted the whole day. Overcoming mental issues like depression and anxiety is no doubt tough. Sometimes, it’s not possible to visit your counselor regularly. In such times, Moodpath might come to your rescue.

With Moodpath, you can gather vast knowledge on human moods and psychology. You would be amazed to find out interesting facts related to humans! Such knowledge would also help you bring out the rationality in yourself and reason with things happening around you.


Also, a top-rated health and fitness application, it’s available for free. Eufylife has come up with many applications and products that find their use in our daily lives. One such application designed by Eufylife is its health and fitness application.

This application seamlessly records your fitness regime and helps you track your improvement so far. This application can be integrated into your Apple watch or other applications so that you have the latest reports on your body weight. From the useful insights available on this application, you can make major decisions.

You can understand what changes are required and how you will adjust to the new changes, be it in your diet routine or fitness regime. If you haven’t used this application yet, it’s time to try it out. People who use Eufy Life don’t regret doing so.



For beginners, Glo is an amazing platform. Here, you get customized classes specifically designed as per the requirements you have set. Whether you need improved sleep or reduced stress, anxiety, or any other issue that you are dealing with lately, this application will come up with immediate solutions.

There are popular yoga or fitness instructors whose teachings can be found on this application. Thus, when you have Glo with you, you no longer have to go to yoga classes! You can follow the teachings of yoga teachers by sitting at home and practicing yoga from time to time.

All the applications mentioned above are top-rated. A lot of people across the globe are using them in current times. Apart from the ones we talked about, My Medadvisor is a useful application for under strict medication. There’s no way of missing out on your medicines with this application. Download the app now and see how amazing it’s!