10 Small But Important Things to Observe in The Storage Room

Running out of storage space? Or need an affordable alternative to the warehouse for your business inventory? Keeping your expenses low can seem like an impossible challenge in the modern age. Similarly, choosing the right storage room for your needs is equally important.

While you navigate a trade-off between utility and price, don’t forget to pay attention to the small things. Remember, it’s the little things that matter! When it comes to renting a storage unit, there’s a lot that you must pay attention to. Storage rent isn’t expensive, especially not if you need a space that is larger than usual.

So, don’t lose sight of the bigger picture and keep an eye out for these ten seemingly small factors.

1. Weather-controlled storage unit


If you’re not the type to notice beyond the surface, it’s high time you change that habit. While weather-sensitive controls aren’t the first thing renters look for, they might as well be.

But ask yourself this – would you want that antique painting stowed away in a storage room to get spoiled? Or tolerate any damage to the mahogany furniture you’re keeping safe until your new home is ready? The obvious answer is no.

However, storage rooms with no weather control features can actually do more harm than good. When it gets too humid, your valuable belongings are at higher risk of mold growth, mildew, and possibly even fungus if it’s something adorned in organic paint.

Therefore, if you’re storing high-value items or those with irreplaceable sentimental value, make sure the unit you rent has some form of weather-resistant mechanism at play.

2. The contract

Every storage company makes its customers sign a contract. Many times, these documents have details that aren’t openly advertised. The terms and conditions – or rather, the catch – to compelling offers reveal a lot about how worthy they really are.

For instance, your storage room might come with 500-pound standard liability coverage. However, this is only applicable if the customer proves that the company was responsible for the damage. Now, that’s a doozy and something you’re not going to want to get caught up in.

3. CCTV surveillance


Although CCTV surveillance isn’t the only aspect of security you should be worried about, it deserves your attention, regardless. Not only is this important to protect your stuff and ward off intruders, but it also allows the customer peace of mind, and that’s exactly what you should be looking for.

Additionally, CCTV surveillance can be your ally in case the storage company refuses to accept that their staff was responsible for any damages to your items. While this doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll show you the footage, they’ll be less likely to lie about it considering CCTV surveillance could be requested if a lawsuit is filed.

4. Service generosity

Safe to say, you don’t want to be stuck with a storage company that’s after your money like a greedy piranha. Let’s be honest, all of them want to profit, but only a few can earn it! So, then, service generosity can be described as anything that appeals to the customer.

One way to perceive it is through the number of complimentary services being offered. For instance, well-known industry leader STORED provides free collections to all clients. Ultimately saving the customer’s money, time, and hence, effort.

This is one form of service generosity, whereby not all aspects of the complete package are charged for. And rest assured, it matters significantly.

5. Location


Location isn’t that much of a big deal, considering how most storage companies today provide moving services as well; however, if you’re renting a unit that you need to access every week or so, find something close to your house or office.

Otherwise, prepare yourself for spending lots of money on fuel!

6. Staff Behavior

Every storage company claims that its customer service is better than the rest. Yet, not all are telling the truth. The proof, however, lies in the staff’s behavior. If the company personnel are impolite, uninterested, or flat-out rude, find another option without a second thought.

Unmotivated staff members are bound to be careless with the management and handling of your valuables. And if you’re a business owner trusting your inventory to a storage outlet, you shouldn’t be taking any chances.

7. Packages durations


Do you need extra storage space for months or just a week? Focusing on more prominent features like security and experience makes sense. Regardless, choosing a company with agile package durations also pays off tremendously down the line.

With most companies, renting for at least a month is standard. However, you might just need storage space for a week. Therefore, making a decision based on the package duration is incredibly important! You can read more here about it.

8. Site accessibility

If you’re new to the storage scene, then you might be surprised to learn that all storage companies do not allow customers on their premises. Why?

The reason is enhanced security. However, this can be a little inconvenient. In case you need frequent access, then there’s no point in renting a storage room that you can’t even operate yourself.

9. Storage item restrictions


If you’re thinking about using your storage unit as a lab to brew chemical concoctions like Walter White, kiss that dream goodbye. Most – scratch that, all – storage companies have a tight restriction policy when it comes to certain items.

Across the spectrum, perishables, living creatures, drugs, and illegal substances are banned. However, there might be more things on the list depending on which company you choose. So, make sure you inquire carefully before booking a unit online.

10. Costs of add-ons

Storage space, on its own, isn’t enough. At some point, you will need to purchase add-ons. This can either be in the form of returns or packaging materials. Regardless, costs do what they do best – they quickly pile up. Verily, you must conduct a thorough analysis of all the individual add-on charges before moving forward with your decision.