4 Types of Group Fitness Classes that You Can Teach After You Earn Your Certification! 

If you’re considering earning your group fitness certification, learn the various classes you can teach at your local gym or fitness center. Unlike other types of certifications that are specifically focused on one type of class or coaching method only, such as sports nutrition classes or personal training, you can use your group fitness cert to teach a whole host of classes – broadening your horizons and making gym managers more likely to hire you.

But what classes should you look into teaching? The best group fitness classes for you to teach are the ones that you’re actually interested in – there’s no fun in teaching a pilates class if you do not like taking the class yourself.

Make sure you find a class that you enjoy taking in your free time – if you really enjoy zumba classes, indoor cycling, or toning HIIT class, then consider learning how to teach these classes, then become certified and start making money doing what you love!

Let’s check out a few common types of group fitness classes that you can learn to teach to earn your certification from and get a job in no time at your local fitness and health center!

1. Zumba classes


The first thing is first – what is Zumba? Chances are you’ve been walking by a Zumba class going on in the past and you were wondering – how can I do that? What are the moves you need to learn? What are the benefits?

Learning about Zumba is the best way you can make yourself more desirable as a group fitness instructor. Simply put, Zumba is a type of dance group fitness class that uses choreographed moves, high intensity beats, and a friendly instructor to get your heart pumping and get you smiling throughout the entire class.

This Latin-inspired dance class is a great way to learn the dance moves that are inspired by hip-hop and cha cha – while burning tons of calories and getting the body of your dreams! Even though you are going to be surrounded by other people and can feel uncomfortable during your first time, you will soon get the hang of it – and love coming back for more!

When learning to teach the class, you will have an easy time getting the knack for teaching this high-intensity class since most of the moves are repetitive, you just have to focus on bringing high energy, and you can add your own flair to the Zumba class!

2. HIIT group class


The next type of fitness class that you can learn during your group certification course is the HIIT class – also known as the high intensity interval training class. This type of class is the best way that clients can burn fat, tone their muscles, and burn lots of calories in one single season.

Since you’re going to be using cardio moves and weights, you are going to get the best of both worlds, such as getting stronger, toning, and improving your cardio health. But how do you teach a class like this?

The benefits of teaching HIIT is that you will reap the exercise benefits of the members, you can learn about new moves to incorporate into your routines, and you can make more money teaching at your local gym. Using high intensity interval training is the best way that you can boost your cardio health and see results in a quicker time period than you would with other exercise methods!

3. Body pump classes


Similar to high-intensity interval training, body pump is a specific type of high intensity weight workout that uses a bar, step box, and your own bodyweight to get a heart-pounding workout, even though you will be mainly using weights, such as dumbbells or your barbell that you set up in front of you, the high-rep and high-intensity class is a good way to tone your muscles and get you fitter in no time.

For those who do not want to lift heavy weights, are intimidated by the weight room, and don’t know what to do when it comes to free weights and weight machines, using a body pump class to get your resistance training in is the best away that you can get lean and toned quicker than you would by yourself.

4. Cycling


The last type of group fitness class that is very popular in gyms across the world is indoor cycling. Consider learning how to become a cycling instructor so you can earn your group fitness certification and become more desirable to potential employers.

Sometimes, you may need to unlearn unique cycling programs created by the gyms themselves – if you are trying to get a job at a boutique cycling studio that has their own way of crying their classes, then you will like to go through that training as well.

However, the benefits of learning about the cycling fitness certification and getting your group fitness certification is that you can make more money teaching cycling classes than you would with other options.

Cycling is a boutique fitness option, just like you would find with yoga or pilates. In this case, you can often make around double the price per class than you would teaching group fitness classes in a gym, like with body pump, circuit training, water aerobics, or bootcamp!

Cycling is a great way that you can tone your legs, improve your cardio health, and get moving. Learning how to pair the cycling dance moves, such as tapping on the seat and using your arms for dancing, you can increase the complexity of the routine and keep your clients entertained during the entire class.

You’re Ready to Get Your Group Fitness Certification

Are you considering earning your group fitness certification? We don’t blame you! This cert is a great way to broaden your horizons, make yourself more desirable to employers around the world, and learn how to teach various classes.

You can teach Zumba classes, group fitness classes, high intensity interval classes, bootcamp classes, and cycling classes to earn extra money, increase your versatility as a coach, and meet new people in the process!