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Top 5 Motor Wears for Your Next Motorbike Trip

The thrill of taking a trip on a bike is a must-try activity for people who like adventures. Staying on the road, experiencing a different kind of beauty, the gush of air splashing on you continuously, etc., is a dream that comes true for every hodophile.

But bike tours are different from any other road trips you take on a four-wheeler. It has its own set of difficulties. You’re exposed to every kind of weather directly. You cannot carry any extra item other than necessities, and your back is always in a lean position. An essential aspect of the trip is clothing.

You must choose the right apparel for safety and comfort. You might experience a hot day that ends with a heavy pour of rainfall. You might not get time to change as per the weather. So you need to ensure whatever you wear is suitable for everything you might face. So planning every minute detail can be difficult, and that is why we are going to help you.

Best options to wear on a bike trip

Beat the weather


As you already know, bike trips are a race against the weather. Keep checking and rechecking the weather conditions and temperature for the route you’re taking. For summers, go for cotton, regular weather synthetic, and winter wear for winters.

Try and keep every part of your body covered, even during summers, to protect yourself from UV rays and sunburn. Try and choose clothing made from stretchable fabric for your ease. Fitted clothes are more accessible to wear rather than regular clothes. Also, your clothes need to be an accessible dry material if there is sudden rainfall.

You cannot waste your time or stop every time you get wet. Leather is your best friend during winters. We suggest a perfect place that provides all these requirements in their clothing. It is called Saint Unbreakable. We love it, and we are sure you will love it.


Everybody is aware of the disastrous motorbike accidents that take place. The bike is considered the most dangerous vehicle. A higher percentage of people who die because of road accidents are on the bike.

So you need to ensure safety comes first. Safety should be prioritized over fashion and even comfort. Knee and elbow pads protect you from bruises or scratches. The helmet is a life-saving accessory as it protects your head, the most delicate part of your body. But there is no protective gear for the rest of your body. Find out more info at

So thin and baggy clothes are a big no for bike tours. Trying to choose a thicker fabric that provided some amount of protection. Always wear a good jacket to protect your chest and back. It would be best if you also cool down the exertion and heat produced in your body.

Colours and Patterns


Have you ever wondered why bikers wear dark clothing and not summery colors even during summers. We have the answer to it. Bikes seem very small in front of massive cars, buses, or trucks.

So there is an excellent possibility that the other vehicle driver might miss your motorcycle while driving. So you need to choose a color or design that does not blend in the bag round. It would be best if you had something dark that stood out so that the driver could see you. Spotting a bike is most difficult at night. So try and get luminescent strips in your clothing to be visible from a distance.


Wearing the right shoes is very important, especially if you’re the one riding the bike. You need footwear that provides skid-proof soles, molded toe shifters, and padding. You would also need heel protection.

Water-resistant shoes are mandatory as riding in a wet shoe will offer a great deal of discomfort and even distraction. A good show protects your toes, fingers, feet, and even ankle. The best option is a biker boot for the trip. But you can also go for moto shoes or riding shoes if you don’t want to go for boots.

A good shoe should provide Good Traction in the case where you need to stop the bike using your feet. Remember, motorcycle boots are not everyday boots. Everyday boots are more fashion-forward, and motorcycle boots are safer. Lastly, you need to ensure your shoe provides anti-torsion devices.



Accessories are impotent for fashion elements and safety. Apart from the apparent pads and helmets, there are a few more things you keep to equip yourself with. It would be best to have caps or headbands during winters for warmth and insulation. They also prevent dust and air from entering your ear, protecting you from ear infections.

It would be best to have a glove to absorb road and trail vibrations. You need to ensure your gloves are moisture-absorbing to help with palm sweats. You also need to wear socks under your shoes at all times during riding. The constant pressure on the feet can lead to blisters. They protect that. Also, they absorb the constant sweating from the feet.

Additionally, you can get stuff like bar ends, frame sliders, fork sliders, swingarm spools for crash protection. You can choose the right one as per the type of road you’re going to take. Lastly, you need to make sure you carry some of the essential repair tools for your bike in case it breaks down in the middle of nowhere.


There are a lot of points to consider just for clothing. But trust me, these things are life-saving and comfortable. It might be time-consuming, but you make sure you don’t leave out any point from this article. Also, with bike rides, there is a low level of security for your stuff whenever you stop. It isn’t covered like a cover that can be locked. So make sure you avoid carrying anything expensive on the trip. Travel safe, comfortable, and stylish, and motor wear is the new it of the fashion world.