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6 Essential Style Tips For Guys Who Want To Dress Better

Your appearance is the first thing people notice before they get to know you. The first impression you have on people is often based on your outlook. When you dress well, you attract not only worthy people but also feel great and confident.

Dressing well will make you stand out and command enough respect. Different opinions are out there on how you can take your dressing to the next level. Some tips may work for one and be the opposite for others.

Tips for men to dress better are often varied, trend sensitive, and experimental. However, it won’t hurt to have a valuable fallback position in your times of self-doubt and confusion.

The tips in this article will help you to navigate your way of dressing while adding a touch of improvement to your appearance.

Define Your Style

Often many people believe they don’t have a style or don’t know what type of outfit could be their thing. To figure out what your style could be, ask yourself who you find to dress well. Such a person could be an athlete, a musician, or a celebrity.

If you can mention a few people who you think dress well, then you sure have an eye for fashion and style. Before you can determine your style, you must challenge some excuses you give yourself. Excuses like you are too busy at work; you don’t have an eye for style, you don’t have enough money to spend, etc.

Once you determine to have a style, then you can start trying out the styles of people you like. In a short time, you will find your fit and start making your unique statement.

While trying to dress like the person you fancy, make sure they suit your personality. Your outfits must represent who you are. Don’t dress in a way that doesn’t project your image.

Get The Right Fit

You won’t believe how cool you can look, even in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt if it fits right. Nothing beats fit when it comes to styles. Be guaranteed to solve a reasonable percentage of your style problems when your clothes fit well.

Oversized clothes throw you off your body proportions. You may look shorter, fatter, and sloppy because of the extra fabrics. Men often wear large clothes because of the comfort they enjoy in them. However, the difference between looking cool in a pair of jeans and a t-shirt while looking terrible in a suit that may cost 10 times more is the fit.

You don’t need to copy a particular type of cloth to look amazing. Once you find your style, ensure that the clothes fit.

Wear Accessories

You can enhance a casual outfit and make it classy and sophisticated by adding one or two accessories. Accessories can pull your look together and take a boring outfit to a top level.

The right big hat choice, for instance, is a big trick to make a noticeable statement. Choose the perfect hats from for the occasion and outfit. A pair of sneakers can also take your boring t-shirt and jeans to a top fashion.

A perfect wristwatch is another accessory that completes your style. Always wear a matching wristwatch to complement your outfits and give you a responsible and classy appearance.

Wear The Right Colors

Some colors will flatter you more than others, depending on your features, such as skin tones, hair color, and eyes. The right colors can put you in a good mood, and putting on trendy colors can make you look updated.

Try different colors and decide on the ones that suit you best. The perfect color should make you look healthy and not sickly. Wear a color that complements the contrast if you have dark hair and light skin. Avoid wearing khakis and tans, which can make you look pale and tired.

Wear colors that make you feel at ease and happy. Avoid wearing colors you don’t like, even if it’s the favorite color of your group of friends. Neutral colors, such as blue, black, gray, and brown, never go out of style, but you must consider your skin tone and the feeling you get when you wear them.

Wear Quality Fabrics

Buy quality materials, especially for basic pieces like formal dresses and jeans, which you may wear for a long time. It is not a must to spend a lot of money on clothes; spend more on important pieces and less on items in trend or clothing you will most likely not wear for long (such as t-shirts).

Understand that buying from a big brand does not guarantee quality. Even second-hand stores often have durable clothes. The best way to buy quality fabrics is to ask friends and listen to your guts.

Always Clean Up And Appear Neat

No matter how well-dressed and fitted you are, it is for nothing if you are dirty and unkempt. If you smell or are sweaty, no matter how cool your outfit looks, you won’t be attractive.

Take your bath regularly, and cut your hair to fit. A perfect haircut must complement your face shape. Avoid wearing torn clothes. Take time to clean and iron your clothes before putting them on. Wear perfume but not in excess.

Your clothes will fit better if you are confident and walk comfortably.

You Need To Dress Better

No matter how close your destination is to your house, always dress well. Making it a habit to look good and fresh always creates the best impression. Nothing expresses who you are better than your outfit.

You can never be certain when you will encounter someone of your dreams. Such a person may be an employer, a life partner, or a new business partner. Hence, always strive to look good every time.

Wear clothes that suit the season. Ensure that your outfits are lightweight and breathable. It will make you walk about with confidence.