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7 Reasons Why Viking Jewelry Will Never Go Out of Style

If you are a fashion enthusiast with an incredible love for different jewel ornaments and happen to be interested in buying gold in Singapore, you may have heard about Viking jewelry.
This jewelry has been popular ever since it was discovered by archeologists. People were fascinated with the beautiful designs of these jewelry pieces and could not wait to match them to their clothing.

Why Is Viking Jewelry Popular

Here are a few factual reasons for Viking jewelry’s popularity and why it will never go out of style.

1. Ideal For Women And Men And Different Types Of Jewelry


Viking jewelry is always in style because it is available in different types. For example, some people might be interested in rings, a few like to wear bracelets, while others may prefer chains. Viking jewel ornaments include earrings, armbands, brooches, necklaces, finger rings, and bead ornaments.

Viking jewelry is suitable for both women and men. Because of the archaeological findings, it is said that Viking men and women wore jewel ornaments. Ancient Viking men wore neck rings, armbands, and finger rings. A trinket, similar to Thor’s hammer, known as Mjolnir, is deemed the common jewel ornament worn by them.

Viking women primarily wore chains and bronze brooches to fix their clothes. Brooches are deemed to be the most common jewelry piece worn by Viking women.

2. Different Materials And Intricate Design

The Vikings prepared their jewelry out of various metals based on their level of riches. The poorer classes manufactured jewel ornaments out of animal bones and wood because they could not afford metals like silver and bronze. Since gold was only reserved for the Viking community’s wealthiest and elite families, gold jewelry was infrequently discovered.

The design and patterning of the majority of Viking jewel ornaments were typically rich and detailed. In addition, Vikings frequently included animal designs in their beautiful jewelry. However, there are even pieces in simple shapes without too much embellishments. They are all flawlessly engraved, giving each object a unique backstory. You can acquire Viking jewelry in different styles by checking out SurfLegacy.

3. Viking Jewelry Carries Versatile Meanings


Both Viking men and women used jewelry constantly. Most of the time, they wore jewel ornaments to emphasize their aesthetic impression, show off their fortune, and look more elegant. Given the different meanings of Viking jewel ornaments, it is safe to say they will never be out of style.

Vikings adorned their homes, ships, and even weapons with jewelry apart from clothing, shields, and bodies. It shows how they loved jewel ornaments.

Viking jewelry, which frequently includes rings, earrings, pendants, bracelets, and other items, is not only an avowed adherent of the pride of the Viking area, but also demonstrates the magnificent civilization of the time and historical advancement. Today, Viking symbols combined with northern European folktales can be found in jewelry design.

In Viking culture, jewelry was very vital. It was significant in their lives and served more than just fashion needs. Some of the jewel ornaments were said to possess healing properties.

It seems that hoarding was a Viking tendency. In order to protect priceless possessions from intruders, they would cover up and conceal them. They would also bury the jewel ornaments with the dead as they thought the dead people required money to have the kind of afterlife they desired.

4. Loyalty And Solidifying Alliances

It was crucial for lords and soldiers to solidify their ties because Vikings were constantly on the move, defeating and raiding. Ring exchanges were one way to demonstrate ties of allegiance. Lords, who controlled the majority of the money, gave expensive metal rings as gifts to the warriors as a way to share the wealth and express gratitude. Lords who gave gifts of wealth made allies and bolstered their own forces.

5. Usage Of Beads


As of now, many people show interest in wearing jewelry made from beads that go well with their attire. Also, as bead jewelry is detailed and has an affordable price range, people have more access to buy it.

Some of the most popular embellishments on Viking necklaces were bead ornaments, which were often created with glass or amber. Although these things are readily available and commonly used in modern society, archaeological evidence from Viking sites indicates that these decorations were uncommon and not used frequently.

There were only one, two, or a maximum of beads in their ornaments and used either independently or with a pendant. It was highly uncommon to find a necklace with more than three beads, indicating that they were valuable and rare. Possibly, bead ornament served as a symbol of one’s riches and social standing.

6. Used For Ancient Trade Purposes

In contrast to other cultures, the Vikings used jewel ornaments for very special and rare purposes. The Norse women and men displayed their wealth by donning jewelry, but perhaps more crucially, jewel ornaments were frequently used as money.

The arm and neck jewelry worn by Vikings was typically prepared with silver from which they would cut off pieces to exchange for goods and services. The term “Hack Silver” is used to describe it. They would cut up a large jewelry piece into small ones if it was worth more than what they were seeking to buy.

In ancient times, their Jewelry could be used to stabilize rank and value or make purchases from the neighborhood market. There are some individuals who wish to wear jewelry that represents something in the past. So, these individuals always wear different types of Viking jewelry, making it never go out of style.

7. Viking Jewelry Matches Well With Present Outfit Trends


Given that Viking jewelry comes in a variety of forms, sizes, materials, and colors, it can be worn in plenty of ways. Youth typically pairs it with attire inspired by the Vikings. However, even working men and women wear a slim Viking-style ring or earrings, so it looks appropriate with their business attire.

A massive Viking necklace will look excellent when worn with plain, one-color clothing and it makes you remain unique from others. A small necklace with a leather strap and a simple pendant also looks stunning.

Bottom Line

Viking jewelry is beautiful, elegant, and available in simple to intricate designs. They are made from animal bones for normal people, while gold metal is used by elite Viking communities. As these jewel ornaments go well with any clothes, it is hard for them to stay out of style.