Here’s How Justin Is Keeping His Insta Fam Entertained In Quarantine Days

Here's How Justin Is Keeping His Insta Fam Entertained In Quarantine Days

You’re tired of the quarantine days, right? Well! it’s not just the case with you but everyone in the world. Seeing the increasing severity around the Coronavirus, a lot is just stopped and people are left only with boredom and worry of course. Well! don’t worry because your favorite celebrity, Justin Bieber is trying best to keep his Insta busy. This is not it, the actor is also trying to spread positive and encouraging words to his followers.

To make sure that his Insta fam remains entertained and busy, Justin shared back to back 34 Instagram posts in the last 24 hours.

He started the series by posting a cartoon image to encourage his fans to stay home. The image was from Gregmike (@gregmike), featuring a home with “Stay Home” written on it.

He didn’t stop there but also shared a video from his Instagram. The singer was seen dancing with his wife and family. In his post, Justin also asked his fans to add him to Tiktok, “Me and the fam !! Add me on TikTok,” he captioned.

While sharing entertaining status with his fans, Justin once again reminded her fans to “Stay Home” by sharing another cartoon image from buffmonster (@buffmonster)

And then came one of the most adorable pictures of his series. He shared a selfie to reveal that he just got a facial done from wife Hailey. “Love you guys so much ps Hailey just gave me a facial,” he revealed.

From washing hands to staying quarantined, Justin made sure to remind his fans to take all the necessary precautions. “Quarantine & chill with me,” he wrote in one of his posts.

Although he was sharing his old pictures, he made sure to spread awareness on Covid-19 with each caption.

“Who else is washing their hands rn?” he reminded again!

“Who else is bored and quarantined right now??,” reads his another post.

He concluded the day with sharing a TikTok video, captioning it as, ” Good job guys going to bed.. gonna post more when I wake up.”