How Long Does HHC Last in Your Body?

Alternative cannabinoids are gaining a lot of attention. But there are also questions about whether HHC can be used despite drug testing. Is causing you to fail a drug screen? It is a detailed look.

In most cases, however, the HHC found in hemp products is a synthetic version derived from hemp. HHC has a chemical structure similar to delta 8 THC and delta 9, and it has similar psychoactive effects.

HHC Can cause Euphoria

The euphoric effects are also psychoactive. Click here to find out more.   However, these effects may be different than what you might expect from other psychoactive cannabinoids such as THC. HHC is still under investigation. Most information we have about effects comes from user reports. Some people claim it is as intoxicating and addictive as delta 8, while others say the high is more energetic and different.

How Does HHC Compare to Delta 8 and Delta 9?


The same plant that produces all three cannabinoids is cannabis. HHC can be hydrogenated, while delta 8 THC and delta 9 THC cannot. Compared to delta 8, delta 9 THC is more psychoactive. It is also difficult to isolate HHC from cannabis because it is only found in minimal amounts. To synthesize, most producers use either dealt a8 (or delta 9), which is a hydrogenation process.

HHC Suspects to Be Active on A Drug Test

Although HHC is technically not the same as delta 8 THC or delta 9, it can cause drug test failures. Avoid products if you’re subject to a drug test.

HHC is similar to delta 8 and delta 9 in chemical structure, so it can be metabolized similarly. A drug screen is a test that looks for these metabolites in blood, urine, and saliva. The majority of drug screens will analyze specimens for THC and COOH metabolites.

HHC is not the same as “THC,” so it is possible that it will not be detected on a drug screen. These claims are not supported by evidence. More likely than not, the drug test will fail because of the chemical composition of the cannabinoid.

Is HHC Long Lasting in Your System?


The amount of time your body will retain HHC is currently unknown. It is simply because there isn’t enough research. HHC will remain in your system for approximately the same time as other cannabinoids or forms of THC. However, it can be assumed that HHC will not stay there for as long. One to thirty days are generally considered the average time for metabolites of THC to appear in your system. should be expected to be similar.

Many factors influence the time cannabinoid metabolisms stay around. Below are some key factors you should consider if your goal is to use Gummies and pass a drug screen.

Frequency of Usage

HHC can significantly affect the amount of time that the metabolites remain in your body. THC can be detected for up to 30 days after frequent use. Cannabinoids may be detected in urine up to one week after being used more frequently than four times per week. Because cannabinoids get absorbed by fat cells, this is possible.

You may experience metabolites leaving your body a little faster if you have only used once. You will likely be safe within a week.

Get Your Age

As you age, your metabolism slows down. It means that substances that have been metabolized can be broken down more slowly. Your age may significantly affect how long HHC remains in your body. A Galactic Grape HHC disposable may be used once by a 30-year-old adult, and then the metabolites are gone in a matter of days. A 60-year-old adult might use the same product but have metabolites that last longer.

Your Metabolism

Every person’s metabolism is different, and this is not only because of their age. Your metabolic rate can be affected by weight, liver enzyme levels, general activity, diet, and other factors.

How the HHC Was Consumed

vapes and edibles will impact how long it takes for the cannabinoid to leave your body. HHC edibles are more likely to stay around longer as they must be processed before reaching your bloodstream. In contrast, when vaping, it enters your body in just a few minutes and is processed much more quickly. It can lead to a quicker onset of effects and may even influence how fast the metabolites are removed from the body.

How Much HHC Do You Use?

Higher doses of HHC will likely mean that metabolites are more likely to persist in the system. If you have only one 15mg gummy rather than four, it could be easier to pass a drug test.

HHC Vs. Delta 8 THC Vs. Delta 9 THC – A Close Look


HHC, delta 8, and delta 9 THC are very similar regarding their origins. Some cannabinoids can be synthesized or are made synthetically from other cannabinoids, despite being extracted from cannabis. There are hydrogens, oxygens, and carbons in every cannabinoid. The arrangement of these elements in cannabinoids makes them unique. Now let’s examine it in more detail.

A hexahydrocannabinol is an active ingredient in marijuana. Hydrogenated tetrahydrocannabinol is an alternative to cannabis. In other words, molecules contain hydrogen molecules that cannot be found in other forms of THC, yet they still exert the same psychoactive effects as THC. It is possible to isolate small amounts of HHC from cannabis, even though it is found in cannabis. In order to produce products, sufficient quantities of the extract are difficult to obtain.