Most Influential Music Artists and How They Changed Music?

The pop culture landscape is an explosion of great talent with daring originality. Throughout history, musical ensembles and artists were formed who laid the foundations of popular music culture with their work. They changed the course of music history forever.

Icons of rock and roll and other genres created the most wonderful melodies that people around the world still sing today. We have selected for you several big names of the music scene. Read more about their career and life below.

The Beatles


If you’ve ever had the feeling that you know a group’s work better than its members, then it has to be this legendary English rock band. How could you not have this feeling, given that the group has been around since 1960? However, fans will never get enough of the well-known transitions, stanzas, every beat of Ringo’s drum, solo moments, and everything that makes the Beatles unique. We are sure that among you there are much more knowledgeable about their work, but what we want to say is that they will never get boring. What is so special about them?

This is a group that understands its audience. Listening to their music, you often have the feeling that the song was made just for you. The well-known lyrics of the song Yesterday can describe everyone’s troubles – “Yesterday all my trouble seemed so far away”. You’ll love their songs equally as a teenager and as an adult, and that’s what’s so special about them. They are one of many bands that have grown up musically throughout their career, but the only one that has matured so much in such a short time. They are known as the most influential act of the rock era, but over the years they have experimented a lot with genres. So on their albums you can find pop ballads, psychedelics and Indian music. You can watch a movie about their great works like “Rubber Soul” and “The Beatles”.

Michael Jackson


Michael Jackson has amassed a huge fortune from his career. He is not only known for his musical career, but also his acting career. . There are many group and individual projects. He became known to the public as a member of the Jackson Five. They became famous with the single “I want you back”, and more hits followed. Michael was only 11 years old when he reached the top of the Billboard Hot 100. During his solo career, he was remembered for numerous hits, such as “Beat It”, “Thriller” and many others you could listen at Tubidy. He also had memorable performances that included demanding choreography and movements.

It was he who made many movements globally popular, such as the Moonwalk from the video for the song “Billie Jean”. In the same year, the movie “Moonwalker” was shot, as well as the video game. His albums were the best sellers, but he was equally recognizable for his specific appearance. He underwent several cosmetic surgeries, after which his physical appearance changed drastically. It was also affected by vitiligo disease, as well as anorexia. For years, the singer tried to look as thin and young as possible, and all the time he denied the surgeries. Due to his great musical achievements, he was named the King of Pop. He won hundreds of awards and is remembered as one of the most outstanding artists in history.

The Rolling Stones


It’s time to say something about the biography of the biggest rock band in the world. The band’s story is as exciting as their songs. Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Charlie Watts, Brian Jones, Bill Wyman, Mick Taylor, and Ronnie Wood have been through a lot together, but also separately. We will start with a person who had a reputation as a devil seducer. He was a real “bad boy” in his time, he infected his audience with rebellious thinking. He is known as an equally excellent vocalist and entertainer because he would entertain the audience every time in any genre. However, the one who makes their music instantly recognizable is Keith Richards. We must not forget the rhythmic fraternity with Ron Wood who added new colors and textures to the music with his easy playing.

He’s the force that keeps the band together, but he’s simple and piercing at the same time. Because of the great influence, public resistance had no chance against this band. They left their heart on the floor at every performance, and in return received the most loyal audience that lives even today. That love was passed on to the next generations and that’s how the band accomplished its task. During their musical career, they tried various trends, but managed to stay authentic.

An example of this is their compositions, which most will recognize from the very beginning of the chord. Mick has always known how to shock the audience with his clothes and unpredictable behavior. The band’s eccentricity is perfectly evident, and during their time they set the standard for live performances. They gained planetary fame, but they also lost a lot and made sacrifices. Great loves, life’s defeats happened to them, but it still rolls on.

Elvis Presley


The King of Rock n Roll has sold more than a billion and made 33 movies. He became a cultural icon of the 20th century and was a singer and actor. He created an entirely new musical direction by combining black rhythm and blues with the country. He also found a new way to highlight male sexuality, thereby winning over a wider audience. His career had an impact on many stars such as the Beatles, the Stones, and others. The first step towards a musical career happened to Elvis when he was only eight years old. Won a local singing competition, and made his first profit.

After that, he served in a local Protestant church, where he listened to psalms and church songs. His interest and taste in music took shape in later years, and he gravitated towards country music and blues. The first “Sun Records” record is a combination of several musical genres, which later turned out to be a wise move. However, over the next few years, he gravitated towards a sound closer to R&B. His songs soon began to appear on the radio, and he was remembered for his specific dance moves and semi-erotic performance.


They have an army of fans behind them, and their music is just as popular today. Some of them are lucky enough to still do big concerts, and many are no longer with us. However, they left an indelible mark on the music scene. Their creativity has changed the way music is produced and listened to.