Michael Jackson Actually Look Perfect as ‘Super-Man’

Finally MJ would proud to see himself as Superhero!!!

MJ had a dream of becoming a superhero in a Marvel movie called “Spiderman”. Tho, he was the king of pop and lived a lavish lifestyle, but there were a lot of things he wanted to do, and the list is long to mention, that he couldn’t do. Like the known fact that he wanted to buy Marvel Studio just to be a part of not only “Spiderman as a leading role but also to be in action-si-fi drama X-men. There were other several movies that Jackson wanted to be a part of other than Marvel ones.

It is been almost 10 years of his death, usually, fans don’t trend the artists who no longer stay with us. But looks MJ wins the pot in this regard, his buzz is more extreme than any living artist, and his fans proved that over the years.

There’s something wired that happened like we all know MJ wanted to be a superhero and he did almost everything to achieve but it seems a fan-made his dream come true & maybe he would be smiling from heaven to watch this next clip. Have a look –

Somebody (we don’t know who) has marvelously added MJ face in the body of Henry Cavill using Chromakey along with his iconic sounds such as ‘dah’, ‘oaw’, ‘HEE HEEE!’, and ‘grunt’ in the short fight clip of DC’s “Man Of Steel Superman” (2013).

The video is in trending on Facebook and within a couple of weeks, it generated more than 1 million views. In case if you love it do watch and share it with your friends and family.