The 10 Songs That Michael Jackson Collaborated With Other Singers

Sometimes collaborations between world-famous celebrities create some of the best songs ever made. Michael Jackson was no exemption, in this case, he worked with artists from all genres, shared stages, attended ceremonies; there is no doubt he was loved by everyone. There are many MJ songs we listen to that are made through partnering with singers and dancers and instrumentalists. MJ never stopped giving his 100% in his performance, whether it be joint works or his albums. In this article, we are going to have a look at MJ’s duet songs that some are famous, and some are rare gem even today.

10. Get It by Stevie Wonder

“Get it” was another song in collaboration with Stevie Wonder. The duo had done several more songs together from the early Jackson 5 days. Recorded in 1987, the song marked the third release of Wonder’s album Characters. Though the song couldn’t crush the market, it had moderate success both in America and overseas. 

9. I’m in Love Again by Minnie Riperton

MJ did a collab with Minnie Riperton in the song “I’m in Love Again”. Love Lives Forever was the sixth album of Minnie and sadly it was released after her death. The second song was a success in terms of record sales. However Jackson only added some additional vocals, it is considered to be a good MJ specimen. 

8. Save Me by Dave Mason

“Save Me” was from Dave Mason’s ending era. He and Michael teamed up for the song as Mason required someone to record the higher pitches and Jackson proved himself to be pretty useful. However, the song couldn’t manage well in the market, for which Dave also lost his contract with Columbia Records. But still, the song is good and MJ is even better. 

7. Serious Effect by LL Cool J

Serious Effect is from MJ’s unreleased songs. He scheduled it to be released as a special Dangerous edition however it never came out. But you can listen to the demo version, which is available in the public domain. The famous rapper LL cool J worked in the song with Jackson and I believe it was a great performance. 

6. Tell Me I’m Not Dreamin’ by Jermaine Jackson

This song is a collaboration between siblings. MJ and his elder brother Jermaine Jackson recorded this song for Jermaine’s album by her own name Jermaine Jackson. The song was in dispute with Epic records and Arista, as a result, it had no official release. But due to airplay, it was nominated for the 1985 Grammy awards.

5. The Man by Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney invited MJ for another single in his album Pipes of Peace. Jackson worked with him on this album one year after the recording “The Girl is Mine” with Paul for his album Thriller. The duo had a great understanding and love for each other and their friendship was reflected in these songs.

4. Whatzupwitu by Eddie Murphy

Whatzupwitu, or if you can’t pronounce- What’s up with you, is a joint work of Michael Jackson and Eddie Murphy. In Murphy’s Love’s Alright album, he teamed with Jackson for the song and MJ worked both in the song and the music video. Some sources say that MJ was enthusiastic about the song as it carried positivity.

3. Why by 3T

Collaborating with 3T, “Why” is a great creation of MJ. He first decided to use it in his album HIStory but later MJ transferred the song to be used for the album Brotherhood. Released in 1996, the song set out to be a success. MJ was also featured in the music video.

2. Say Say Say by Paul McCartney

Paul McCartney, the infamous English singer, invited MJ to work on a song for his album Pipes of Peace. The duo wrote and composed the song “Say Say Say” in 1983. Also, it came with a music video, which was pretty innovative as they portrayed the role of two con men. The song became very popular in both America and the United Kingdom. RIAA certified the song as a Gold standard after selling 1 million records. 

1. All In Your by Name Barry Gibb

“All in Your Name” is a posthumous release on the second death anniversary of MJ. Recorded back in 2002, Michael and Barry wrote and composed the song but never released it. According to some sources, MJ wrote the song to condemn the Iraq war, which was being planned then. Gibb mentioned in one interview that the song was actually Jackson appreciating his fans’ love and support for him. Either way, we all love the song and as long as the context is concerned, interpret it in your own way.