7 Prominent Ladies That Came In Michael Jackson’s Life

Behind every great man is a great woman and the life of Michael Jackson also had some women who changed his life with a strong impact. With some of them, Jackson shared a special connection and had good terms till his last breath while some brought horrible times in his life by leaving him when he needed them to stay.

We won’t forget to mention the family ladies of Jackson, his strong mother, his supportive sisters, and his talented daughter who brought happiness and ecstasy to his life. Here, we are going to discuss the friends, girlfriends (real or rumored), and wives of the King of Pop with whom he was being seen frequently attending various events and about whom he shared his thoughts in interviews.

Jackson was seen collaborating with some of these female celebrities while for some of them, Jackson paid tributes as well or dedicated songs to them as a gesture of love. Some of them were obsessed with Jackson while some of them made Jackson obsessed with them because of their charisma and influence. After the passing away of Jackson, some of these ladies stayed positive towards him and supported his innocence against all the allegations while some had an opposite perspective. Most of these women belong to the showbiz industry and met Michael in different eras, meanwhile experienced the different circumstances of Michael Jackson’s controversial life. All of them had a special influence on Jackson in their lives and vice-versa. Let’s have a look at the names of the ladies who had a special place in the life of Michael Jackson!

1. Tatum O’Neal

Tatum O’Neal and Michael Jackson
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Talking about Jackson’s first public girlfriend Tatum O’Neal, the couple dated in the late 1970s, and Jackson told that she tried to seduce him but he was quite shy and nervous at the time. Later, the couple broke up, and in 2001 MJ confessed that the relationship was really a magical experience for him as he met Tatum in their teenage.

2. Lisa Marie Presley

Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson
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The daughter of Elvis Presley, Lisa, married Jackson in 1994. Previously she was married to Danny Keough and her marriage with Jackson lasted for 2 years. The couple was seen cuddling in kissing publicly and everything seemed fine unless Michael started getting accused of sexual abuse of children in the 1990s. Lisa was the first wife of Jackson. 

3. Elizabeth Taylor

Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson
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The relationship that Liz Taylor and Michael shared couldn’t be described in words. Soon after the passing away of Taylor’s first love, Richard Burton, it seemed that the world will be darker for the queen of Hollywood but for every queen there is a king and the 30-year presence of the king of pop in her life is big evidence to that. Both Michael and Elizabeth were quite obsessed with each other and shared expensive gifts.

4. Brooke Shields

Brooke Shields and Michael Jackson
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Another pleasant yet memorable relationship of Michael Jackson was with the gorgeous Brooke Shields about whom Jackson said that her pictures were all over his room, on the wall, on the mirror, everywhere. Shields & Jackson shared a special bond and created lots of funny memories during the time they spent together.

5. Diana Ross

Diana Ross and Michael Jackson
©Zuma Press/eyevine

Without mentioning the name of Diana Ross, this list wouldn’t be complete. Ross is being remembered as the lady who discovered the talent of Jackson 5 and later on was found quite closer, having friendly relations with the lead singer of Jackson 5, Michael. The two did many projects together and found performing on-stage very frequently.

6. Madonna

Madonna and Michael Jackson
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Michael & Madonna shared a connection and fans were crazy seeing them together. It is still dreamy to visualize the King and Queen of Pop together as a couple. Madonna and Michael were seen in the Grammy awards as a couple of twinning in white and there are some fan-made videos as well on the internet with edited clips of Jackson & Madonna which shows that fans were so eager to see them together working on a project. Her speech as a tribute to Jackson after his death went viral on the internet in which she found him so unique and so rare.

7. Debbie Row

Debbie Row and Michael Jackson
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Although, Debbie wasn’t as prominent as compared to other ladies in the list, otherwise she was too close to MJ.

Jackson remarried and brought Debbie Rowe as his life partner in 1996, with whom he has two children, Prince Jackson & Paris Jackson. Debbie Rowe was initially the nurse to Jackson’s dermatologist Arnold Klien. Rowe surrendered children’s custody with a settlement of 8 million dollars.