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Top 6 The Richest Teenage Singers in The World in 2024

We are getting young millionaires in the world. And we have seen that among the richest people in the world, the majority are teenagers and related to the media industry. They are actors, actresses, singers and if not, social media influencers. All such people are related to the entertainment industry. They took “being rich” to another level.

These youngsters have more money than what many of us has seen already in our life. Making money does not seem like a difficult task to do after we see them. However, they do work really hard too. Being a singer is not as easy a job as it seems. Although they make a lot of money that does not make their job easier. You can read more about these youngsters at

So here is a list of some of the richest teenage singers in the world.

1. Billie Eilish – $6 million


She is a popular POP singer who took the music genre to a whole new level. She has somehow changed the music industry with her unique singing style. According to the given information, she was born in December of 2001. So she has just entered her 20s and has a net worth of 6 million dollars.

A lot of you might not know but her whole family is of musicians. Therefore, people say that she was lucky enough that she got such an environment. Furthermore, it paved the way for singing. She lived her childhood in a music environment. So it is normal for her to know more than regular people.

But the important thing about her career is that being just a young singer, she already owns 4 or more Grammy’s. Although she is known worldwide because of her unique singing style but she is also known for her cool attitude.

2. Post Malone – $14 million


Post Malone is his stage name and his birth name is “Austin Post”. He is a famous rapper and comes under rich and famous teenage singers. Although he is a bit older than Billie but he is still under 30. Post Malone is also an American national and he started his singing journey after leaving school.

According to the reports, his net worth was 14 million dollars in 2024. So he is considered a rich young person. Although he lives in Los Angeles his birthplace is Syracuse. Apart from being a rapper, he is also interested in producing.

So he is not only singing but also producing songs. He has also worked with many renowned singers and rappers. One of his famous collaborations was with Kanye West and he sang at his birthday party too.

3. Danielle Bregoli – $4 million


Although she is not a famous singer and rapper but she got fame. Originally, she came to the entertainment industry as a singer and rapper. However, many people question her ability. But why did she come to our list? Because of her immense fame. She got that after she was revealed as a bad baby. This thing gives popularity to the singer. And she made more money.

She appears on a lot of TV shows and her social media channels are also quite popular. This is how she is making so much money. At the age of just 17, she was worth 4 million dollars. Quite a huge sum of money for just being a bad baby.

4. Jojo Siwa – $14 million


She might be the youngest rich kid among all. She was famous at the age of 9 and got that hit start from the dance show. Eventually, she started making videos of her dancing on her social media accounts. Her main highlight is the bow pin that she uses. Irrespective of the dress and her performance, she always pairs her dress with a large bow pin on her head.

Later on, she started singing and started entrepreneurship. So now she teaches dance on Youtube through her videos. At the age of 12 years, she was worth 14 million dollars. So she surely is making more money than Billie Eilish at the age of 17.

5. Willow and Jaden Smith – $15 million


They are siblings who made around 15 million dollars at the age of 20 and 22. They already have their Wills and Jade’s empire. According to the estimates, this empire is enough to provide them with living for a lifetime. But despite being so rich, both of them worked well on their careers.

They did things together, they sing together and appears on TV shows together. Although this is because of their career. But now critics say that they are being pushed to be together. Even if they are good together, they still need to learn about their individual selves. Therefore, they need to work separately. Buy this is all that others say and suggest.

What they are- one of the richest young talents. Willow kicked-started her career at the age of 10. While her brother was just 8 years old. So they were also quite young when they started winging and rapping. Despite that, they were quite good performances. Willow’s video of her spinning her hair in the video became a hit. She began to know as the hair spinning girl. That was the name she got during her first music video.

6. Millie Bobby brown – $10 million


The next one on our list is Millie Bobby Brown. She was born in 2004. Quite a young right? She became hit after her hit series “stranger things”. Millie was the main character of that series and because of its record-breaking performance, she also became a well-known person.

She won a lot of hearts and became a household name. Millie was also known to be friends with some of the famous celebrities like drake. Her net worth is around 10 million dollars, while she is just a sophomore high school girl.