How to Best Match Jewelry to Your Outfit Choice

When selecting our jewelry for the day – whether that’s to wear in the office or to a special occasion, it can be easy to overlook just how important it is to coordinate our choices with our outfits to best achieve the look we want.

The right jewelry can elevate the appearance of your whole ensemble and help you get the cohesive style that you’re going for. Use the guide below to get it right every single time when it comes to matching your bling to your clothing!

Bring Out The Color Wheel!


The color wheel is your friend to best ensure that your jewelry is working harmoniously with the rest of your outfit. You can find a color wheel online easily, including printable versions.

There are different ways to use the color wheel to help you get matching. These are:

The Analogous Approach

Analogous colors are those that are next to each other on the color wheel. This is a good approach to use if you want a ‘put-together look. So, if your outfit is in one or more shades of royal blue, then you could select jewelry that features stones or embellishments in purple or blue-grey.

Similarly, if the main color of your garments is light green, then earrings, necklaces, or bracelets that incorporate the semi-precious stone citrine would be a great choice to achieve a harmonious look.

The Complementary Choice


Another method is to select jewelry in colors and tones that are complementary to your clothing. To find these shades, grab your color wheel, identify the primary shade of your outfit, and then find the color on the opposite side of the wheel to this tone.

For example, if you’re planning on wearing a bright pink dress for a wedding or other special occasion, and want accessories that will make this color ‘pop’ and add a big splash of personality, then jewelry that features bright, light greens are your best option. If you’re looking to inject a bit of boldness into your navy blue work suit, then opt for a chunky bracelet incorporating orange stones or a necklace with a statement carnelian pendant.

Triadic and Tetradic Methods

And for those of you who really want to work the color wheel, there are also the triadic and tetradic approaches to putting a look together. Both of these methods work by choosing colors (three and four respectively) that are evenly spaced on the wheel.

So – if your selected outfit features tones of turquoise and dark green, then choose jewelry and accessories in purple for the triadic method. If you’re planning on mixing purple and turquoise in your look, then adding jewelry that features a light green and red elements will help you rock a tetradic style!

Match To The Occasion


Your jewelry choice will also be influenced by the occasion, both in terms of aesthetic and practical considerations:

Everyday Wear

For jewelry that you’re planning on wearing regularly, or every day, then think practically: for example, a cocktail ring or stack of chunky bracelets may make using a keyboard to type uncomfortable. Some metals, too, such as high karats of gold, are softer than others and so are more prone to suffering scratches or other damage.

A personalized name necklace in gold, however, is a great choice to wear every day, as well as being timeless in style; this option is both practical and a lovely way to express your personality. Have a look here for some examples of name necklaces – your birthstone can be added to these items of jewelry, too, to make them even more special.

Other options for the perfect jewelry to wear to the office or for casual occasions include statement brooches or cluster earrings that can be as bold or subtle as you wish.  Pearls are set to be huge in the fashion world this year, so a pair of pretty pearl stud earrings are both easy to wear and bang on-trend, too.

Occasion Wear


If you’ve got a wedding to attend, a big party or a formal, glamorous ‘do,’ then it’s a great opportunity to really indulge in the type of jewelry you’re going to match with your outfit. Practicalities don’t need to concern you as much when selecting rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories, although it is important to ensure that you’ll be comfortable throughout the day and that an intricate necklace, for example, won’t be at risk of getting caught in and snagging the delicate silk pashmina you’re planning to wear over your dress.

As a general rule of thumb, you have two main options here: matching or statement. For the former, opt for a matching set of pieces that feature pearls, diamonds, or other precious or semi-precious stones.

Don’t be afraid to layer on the sparkle, but keep everything working together. With regards to the latter approach, select one standout piece: this could be an oversized and dazzling pair of chandelier earrings or a long, chunky necklace set with stones, and then be sure to keep all other jewelry and accessories low-key to avoid overloading your look. You can get many ideas from StoryJewellery.

Be Mindful of Metal

When putting together your look, it’s vital to think about the type of metal your jewelry is made from and how this works with any stones it’s set with. For example, if you’re going for a simple little black dress and want to enhance your attire with bracelets and earrings, then be aware that, for example, an emerald or other green-colored stone will look very different when set in yellow gold compared to how it will appear when set in silver, and this will affect how well it works with your ensemble as a whole. Take some time to experiment with different metals and how they work in conjunction with various stones and other embellishments before finally settling on your outfit.

Putting it All Together

Use the above guide to create a plethora of perfect looks: knowing some simple tricks and hacks when it comes to matching your jewelry with your outfit and how to use them to best effect can both help you get the look you want every single time and have fun trying out new styles that you’ve never attempted before! If you need help with female wear, you can click here and find good advice.