Anne Marie Virtually Celebrates Her Birthday With Fans

The English singer Anne Marie is celebrating her birthday today. Although due to the COVID-19 impact, she’s not allowed to step out of the home, the gorgeous singer is making it extra special in her way.

Bad Girlfriend singer turns 29 today. As she’s quarantined in her home, she decided to celebrate her special day virtually with her social media fam.

The 29 YO, who rules millions of hearts, made her debut in 2013 with a solo demo for Rocket Records. Since then the lady never looked back and gave several hits.

Today, as her birthday arrived, she took Instagram to share live updates of her day with millions of followers.

Anne started the day by sharing a few Instagram stories from her friends and fans along with her song, “It’s my birthday.” Going ahead, she posted a picture of her wearing a white Pajama and a cute white top and wrote “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY. WEARING MY PJAMAS ALL DAY.”

Anne Marie Virtually Celebrates Her Birthday With Fans

Further, the gorgeous lady headed to the kitchen and started cooking Pancakes for breakfast. Meanwhile, we got a chance to take a sneak peek in her kitchen which was decorated with fancy balloons.

She played some background music to add birthday feels in her cooking time. In the video that Anne shared on her Instagram, she can be seen dancing cutely while prepping for Pancakes.

Reportedly, on Monday, the gorgeous singer took her social media to ask her fans to celebrate her birthday with her. “IT’S MY BIRTHDAY ON TUESDAY!!! Let’s celebrate it all together!” she wrote.

Marie told that she will come live on her YouTube channel at 2 PM. As her social media fam includes fans all across the world, she clarified the timing, “I’m going LIVE on my youtube channel at 2 pm UK time to sing some songs and answer your questions.”