The 15 Most Romantic Michael Jackson Songs

Most Romantic Michael Jackson Songs
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Many inspiring and talented artists have flourished throughout the 20th century, and in the last quarter of that great century, Michael Jackson, one of the best of them, appeared. Cheering the audience, pleasing them with touching songs, and making radical statements were some of his common activities. Jackson, the King of Pop, had mastered every genre of pop music and explored each extent of it. As a matter of fact, romantic songs were something in which he outranked almost all of his peers. Jackson could write and perform songs that would touch at a depth of their hearts and relate to incidents we are very familiar with. In this article, we are going to talk about the best romantic songs by Michael Jackson.

15. In The Closet

As lovers of beauty, we all wish to do things that would quench our hearts’ thirst and fulfill our wildest desires. In this song, Michael has expressed the feeling to his lover, who is, of course, a beautiful woman, to lose control and enjoy each other to the deepest sense of it. As it is a very natural desire to have our loved ones just the way we want, MJ has created the song dedicated to this burst of love and emotion.

14. Break of Dawn

Jackson has never felt shy to say anything, this song might be a good example of that. He says through the words of the song to a girl he loves and wants to love more and more. He is careless about what people say and just wants to immerse himself while making love with her. As we see the intimacy of the lyrics, so is the tune, such a soft and romantic node is what people prefer.

13. Rock With You

Released in 1979, the song is from Jackson’s early days. The fast-paced romantic pop song that had attracted people’s attention at that time and even today it is an appropriate song for young lovers. Wisely chosen words and the romantic voice of MJ had given the shape to the song for what it is today.

12. Remember The Time

We all have some precious moments lost in the way and while looking back at them anyone could feel the pain and agony of them. “Remember the Time” is a song dedicated to those good old days when we had our best moments innocent and pure. With time life has been difficult for all of us, so we take the moment and ruminate those memories.

11. You Are My Life

As I have told before, Jackson was really an artist who could feel people’s emotions. For the songs he didn’t write, he only chose creations of similar essence. “You are my Life” is a song about love that changes life. There are people who have been saved by love, they have returned to regular lives living the dark paths behind, just for love. This song expresses gratitude to those lovers and saviors.

10  She’s Out Of My Life

Another song from 1979, had its way to the top. Jackson in this song expresses his realization about love after he lost his love (on the base of imagination). The words coming out from his sweet but painful voice says the ultimate truth about love that one should always express the love they hold deep inside them unless it is nothing useful.

9. The Girl Is Mine

There are several chapters of love and they all are of different kinds. In many cases, the male side has rivals in their quest, so the male rivalry for a female begins. This is the subject of the song. A youth claims the girl from another one and the reasoning goes on. It is highly relatable for everyone, and one must love it if they have ever been victorious in situations.

8. Much Too Soon

Sometimes love is destructive, and if you anticipate the forthcoming incidents it’s better to say goodbye. That’s what Jackson says too as he said in the song to have learned his lesson “much too soon”. It is a song of a broken heart but the words are of wisdom and not blaming someone.

7. Butterfly

While some of MJ’s songs are very deep and emotional in a sense, some of them are very flamboyant. As of this song, the artist is impressed by a woman and trying to get closer to her. However, the woman is consistently resisting, and he is flirting with her and dreaming of being with her. This energetic and joyful song is not only very romantic but can also light up the room.

6. Heaven Can Wait

Have you ever felt you can deny heaven for the lady you love? If yes, then you’ll find the song overwhelming. Jackson is singing to refuse the angels and stay right there by her side. Expressing the beauty of the girl he loves, the song is, by all means, an all-time hit romantic ballad.

5. Liberian Girl

This is a pure romantic song with a random romantic girl as the subject. The artist here expresses his emotion for the girl he has fallen in love with. Full of energy and passion, this is a proper classic romantic song.

4. On the line

We all know that hard times just don’t go away like that. It stays, it stays as long as we have not made yourself capable of bearing the pressure of it. For love, once someone leaves you it’s very hard to accept the fact and then the question of moving on. Whatever happens, you have to fall on the line, take a deep breath and resume. Take that as an inspiration.

3. The Way You Make Me Feel

When people fall in love they seem to love everything about the person. The voice, walking and looking and even breathing, everything makes you feel new and fresh and lovable. This is what Jackson tells us in this beautiful song.

2. You Are Not Alone

Once someone is gone, there is a gap in our heart, a wound so deep to heal. But still, the artist thinks of the girls, how is she feeling all alone, and instead of being furious or blaming her, he is trying to stand by her. In the moments of loneliness, the lover, though scorned, stands by her.

1. I Just Can’t Stop Loving You

Stands the number of love songs by Michael Jackson. Written by Jackson, this perhaps the most unique and heart soothing song of the list. The singer here talks about his life on a romantic note and puts forward some peculiar metaphor as he mentions the Soviet and compares its elements with his own life. I have particularly found this song to be deep enough to overcome the lyrical illusions and focus on the subject matter.