Top 10 Michael Jackson Rarest Songs You Probably Never Heard Before

Michael Jackson is undoubtedly the world’s biggest pop star till date. With hundreds of unforgettable tracks, MJ is the King of Pop. The sad part of the story is, despite his songs being so popular some of them are still undiscovered. MJ himself didn’t approve many songs to publish and some got lost with time. In this article, we have tried to rescue some of MJ’s songs and present it to his avid fans. I hope everyone will find our endeavor to be helpful.

1. Michael Jackson – I’m a Loser

Released in 2001, the song “I am a Looser” is Michael Jackson’s one of the rarest songs. Most of his fans never got really exposed to this musical masterpiece. The legend of Pop MJ expresses his pain through every bit of its symphony. Though there are some confusions and doubts about the song, one thing we all can agree on is this is undoubtedly a song to take place in history.

2. Michael and Mick – State of Shock

It is indeed a state of shock to see the three legends sharing the same stage and rocking the audience completely. “State of Shock” is a song from Michael Jackson’s album Victory from 1984. In fact, it happened to be a massive hit but perished with time. Mick Jagger, Freddie Mercury and Michael Jackson himself created the song. Here you can see the crushing it.

3. Michael Jackson – Shout

“Shout” is a song of a thousand voices in your head and you just want to change the reality that has awfully surrounded you. Jackson is telling the truth of our society where people are confused, terrified, and just following the same old trend of sucking each other. It is a moment when an artist wants to shout and tell the truth.

4. Michael Jackson – She is trouble

How many times have we done something to get some joy out of it knowing that it’s bad? Plenty of times right! That’s what the song “She’s Trouble” says. The song never saw the daylight but it’s great to listen to. MJ has given life to “She’s Trouble”. Getting the chance to listen to this rare song can be a once in a lifetime. I hope the song gives you some old-time memories to look back and smile.

5. Michael Jackson – Groove Of Midnight

“Groove of Midnight” could have been another Billboard top but alas, Michael Jackson never finished the song. “Groove of midnight” calls the artist’s ladylove (in context of the song) in the groove of midnight. In the late ’80s, MJ started composing it, however, it left unfinished. Here is the demo version you can listen to. Later Siedah Garrett gave it a shot and finished the song. Now we can listen to both and wonder, “why he did not finish it”

6. Michael Jackson – We Be Ballin’

We Be Ballin’ is another unreleased song by Michael Jackson. The song is a remake of another song with a similar name “We Be Clubbin’”. Michael polished the song a bit with his mesmerizing voice and Shaquille O’Neal is the featured artist. The intro and verses are sung by O’Neal, MJ is in the chorus. I’m sure you’ll bang your head from the first beat, it’s the contagious man!

7. Michael Jackson – Nite Line

Nite-line was written for Michael Jackson’s Thriller but for some reason got canceled. Glen Ballard, the famous songwriter, wrote the song. It is now archived in the list of rare songs by MJ. Though the writer felt the song to be not-so-great, in the later versions I found it to be really great. I hope Nite-line will impress everyone.

8. Michael Jackson – People of the World

“People of the World” is another creation of Michael Jackson that he didn’t consider fit for release. In some opinions, MJ lover has criticized the later released version of the song because MJ never wanted it in this way. However, It’s nice to listen to anything that has even the slightest touch of MJ. So, I recommend it at least for an experimental journey.

9. Michael Jackson – Dr. Pepper Song

Well before you think why it does feel not so unknown, it’s not any masterpiece of MJ’s list, it’s a commercial. In the late seventies Dr. Pepper, the beverage brand gave the song to Michael Jackson and he sang it. The best thing about it is, the brand campaign was a huge success, who knows, might be another MJ magic. Though I must confess, the song is too nice for a brand advertisement.

10. Michael Jackson – Thriller + STARLIGHT

The last but not the least is the song “Starlight”. It was meant for Thriller, however, it never got published because of some unknown reason. Though it is a long-gone history now, some of MJ fans still enjoy the song. And it is not unknown that MJ fans love to dig for some undiscovered tracks.