9 Amazing Michael Jackson Statues Around The World

People like Michael Jackson are so rare and precious. This is the reason, the world still remembers him, his legacy, his music, his philanthropy in good words. Not just his fans, but nations, politicians, celebrities, athletes, and people from different backgrounds have been found paying tribute to the King.

Statues are a beautiful yet astonishing form of recognition and memory that we can associate with a person and with this, we are now going to let you know about the amazing statues of Michael Jackson around the globe located in China, Brazil, Italy, Netherlands, and many other countries.

Some of these are stylish, some are sweet and some are thrilling. Every piece of art has its own significance and beauty that can only be felt, not to be described in words. These sculptures take us back to the days when Jackson was at the peak of his career and all these sculptures show us the different eras of his journey.

1. Guangzhou Sculpture Park

Michael Jackson Guangzhou Sculpture Park
© UK loves MJ/Facebook

Chinese people showed immense love to the King of Pop and as a tribute, the public donated $23,000 to develop a bronze statue at the Guangzhou Sculpture Park located in Guangzhou City of China. People leave flower bouquets as a symbol of respect and love to the King of Pop when they visit the park.

2. Michael with Bubbles

Michael with Bubbles Statues
© Jeff Koons/courtesy of the Whitney Museum of American Art

Made by Jeff Koons, an American artist, ‘Michael Jackson and Bubbles’ sculpture was formed in 1988. The porcelain statue is white and golden color portraying Jackson sitting on the floor and Bubbles sitting beside him. Jackson and his pet chimpanzee shared an adorable bond.

3. Italian Amusement Park

Michael Jackson Italian Amusement Park
© The World Remembers 

Found at the Magicland Theme Park at Rome, this statue is another masterpiece displaying Jackson in a shy yet pleasant mood, with one hand at the back of his head. The statue is carved beautifully with fine details on his face and hair.

4. McDonald’s Parking lot

Michael Jackson McDonald’s Parking lot
© MJ Vibe 

Another awesome statue of Jackson is located in the parking lot of McDonald’s in the Netherlands. The 32-foot tall statue was built and located as a means of advertising the album HIStory. Sony made 8 statues similar to this for promoting the album. In 2019, the statue is no longer exists as McDonald’s decided to remove it.

5. Austrian Park

Michael Jacson Austrian Park
© D4MJ – Mistelbach/Austria/Facebook

Another beautiful sculpture of the King of Pop is located in an Austrian Park. The ‘Smooth Criminal’ look with the tie & armband, golden in color while the whole statue is white-colored.

6. Shan Yuan Temple

Michael jackson Shan Yuan Temple
© UK loves MJ/Facebook

Michael Jackson’s copper statue is located in Hong Kong at Shan Yuan Temple. In the late 1980s, Jackson visited China and shared some good moments with celebrities and natives. The unveiling ceremony of the statue was attended by Jackson’s family.

7. Hard Rock Hotel, Malaysia

Michael jackson Hard Rock Hotel, Malaysia
© UK loves MJ/Facebook

Located at Hard Rock Hotel, this stylish status of Jackson is a masterpiece created by SCUPLTUREARTWORK. The guests and visitors always take pride in their photos taken beside King Michael’s statue.

8. Football Museum

Michael Jackson Football Museum
© Ian Walton/Getty Images

The 7.5-foot tall statue is made of resin and plaster and was unveiled in 2011. Initially, it was located outside Craven Cottage but later was placed in Manchester in the National Football Museum. Later in March 2019, it was removed from the museum.

9. Brazilian Favela

Michael Jackson Brazilian Favela
© Taste of Rio

Recalling ‘They Don’t Care About Us’ music video filmed in the Santa Marta favela, Brazil, this statue brings back all the memories Jackson created with the natives. With outstretched arms, the sculpture isn’t exactly like Jackson but is a center of attraction for the visitors.