Top 10 World’s Best Dancers of All Time

Humans are very intriguing species created by the almighty God himself. Even God must be curious to determine what it’s like to create a human? When a human is happy he celebrates which includes food, drinks, fun, laughter, and Dance!

Everyone dance to express their emotions, and since millennium’s, people, the humans explored themselves with the help of practicing and enjoying the dance at their utmost. They express their love, emotions, like sadness and grief with the help of dance. It’s always been a major part of human culture.

Even in ancient texts and sculptures found on the most relic monuments had depicted human dancing and expressing the era in their dance form. It has even helped scientists to reveal and understand many life-changing facts. With the time our own generation has experienced some of the famous dancers of all time.

If you love to dance, you can’t stop yourself from dancing! If you agree let’s take a glimpse in their life and experience the traits of these greatest dancers in their unique dance form.

10. Shirley Temple

Shirley Temple was one of the most dynamic ladies the world has ever seen. Shirley was named the ambassador of the United States, chosen to Ghana and Czechoslovakia. Shirley started her acting career when Shirley was just a 3-year-old kid. Since then, Temple received huge fame on her name helping Shirley to gain popularity among her devotees. Temple was a graceful dancer, her height measured 5 ft and 2 inches, Shirley’s looks were amazing. Temple was white in her skin tone and Shirley’s face was very expressive making her the heartbeat of millions.

9. James Brown

The popular American singer, dancer, and songwriter was born on May 3, 1933. James was a gem for the industry. We lost James on December 25, 2006. James was a band-leader, musician, record producer, and a world-famous dancer. Godfather of Soul recorded 17 singles in his lifetime all of them went straight to the top chart on R&B Billboard. Only a few people know, that James was caught and arrested for stealing cars when James was just 15. He was convicted for a minimum of 8 to 16 years. But due to good behavior, James was released in a period of 3 years. This dancer’s favorite records include “Please Please Please” which came in 1956. James has a record of producing more than 100 singles, and more than 50 albums under Brown’s name.

8. Gene Kelly

The most loved among all, Gene Kelly inbred in the month of August, 23 in the year 1912. Kelly died when Kelly was aged 83-year-old, on Feb. 2, 1996. Which was certainly one of the saddest moment for the human race as Kelly was loved by all. Gene was tall at 5ft and 7inches, with Brown/Grey hair. Gene’s face was oval, awarding him a very elegant look. Gene might not be that strong in his build but being a dancer Gene was fast and flexible. It did wonders for him this graceful dancer was the one who had a great influence in the development of Modern Dance form. Being a workaholic person Kelly never skipped training even if it’s Christmas.

7. Vaslav Nijinsky

Born on March 12, 1890, Vaslav was a Ballet dancer. Vaslav was among the most influential dancers of all time. Inbred in Russia, Vaslav possessed a stunning body frame, his fame was so great that several of Vaslav’s sculptures are monumented in Vaslav’s memory. Vaslav Nijinsky was a classic, appearing in theaters like the “Swan Lake”, “The Sleeping Beauty” and “Giselle”, in the year 1907. Both of Vaslav’s parents were dancers, and Nijinsky succeeded in their legacy and took it to the farthest reach. Nijinsky started his training when Nijinsky was just 8-year-old. Vaslav retired himself as a performer in 1912. Later he started his career as a teacher and a choreographer, Vaslav created legends for the industry.

6. Mikhail Baryshnikov

The legendary star, Michail Nikolayevich Baryshnikov was popularly known as Misha, is an extremely motivated person. Baryshnikov’s life Journey, Baryshnikov’s eagerness and solitude towards Dance, leave people speechless. At the age of 71, Misha still manages to dance and practice the art form. Misha is still one of the finest choreographers in the industry. He started young, inbred in Riga in Latvian, Mikhail moved to Canada for his promising future. Misha started from Kirov ballet before he planned his move to Canada. Michail did Freelancing for several years before settling as the principal of NY City Ballet. Baryshnikov loves to eat which he accepts himself. Michail says, he still wants to dance like the old days, but due to his accommodating diet plan, Misha is not able to maintain the health required to perform. We can’t blame Michail, you can’t resist food! Misha is a promoter of Modern Dance and he had been named for several awards for Misha’s, performance in the picture “The Turning Point”.

5. Martha Graham

Martha left the world on April 1, 1991, at the age of 96. Martha Graham was born on May 11, 1894, and was the best expression artist the world has ever known. The legend used her dance as a language. Martha was very young when she started and traveled the path through her dance, from being a performer to being the greatest teacher. Martha’s student says that “she was very strict in her teachings,” and wanted her students to understand the art from their heart. Because of Martha’s devotion and allegiance towards the dance, Martha was popularly called the Mother of Modern Dance. Martha was also an inspiration for many of the dancers and if you are willing to start learning dancing, first we would suggest getting a pair of good swing dance shoes and you are ready to go! You can get from this website.

4. Joaquín Cortés

It’s a tough task for a towering person to express his feelings with the help of dance. Taller the frame more he has to work on his finishing moves. It’s really hard to attain the swiftness at a height of 6ft and 1inches but Joaquin was an expert. Joaquin was the best artist who had accomplished the art of flamenco. Being a gypsy, Joaquin always loved his life, understanding the nature and expressing it in his dance, giving his best performance every time. Joaquin practiced for 7-8 hours a day which itself shows the dedication and his commitment towards his work. This dancer later established his own studio and lived a life of a performer.

3. Rudolf Nureyev

Rudolf was a masterpiece. He moved with winds, Rudolf’s muscles twitched to the breeze that passed his way. This graceful dancer used to talk with them, Nureyev’s movements were so fluent that Rudolf treated the wind like his true companion. Rudolf was misunderstood several times mostly for his behavior, but as his wife said, Rudolf was more than that. Inbred in a poor upbringing, Rudolf saw the hardship and felt it with his own senses. The dancer was very aggressive in his dance form and critics always called Rudolf a show-off. But he was much appreciated by his audience, Rudolf was a bisexual in nature and had a long list of gossips and conversation in his name. Rudolf’s friend characterizes him as a predator species who is ready for his prey always.

2. Fred Astaire

The legend is born once in a millennium, Fred was one of them. The dancing sensation, Fred Astaire, worth $10 million at the time Fred left our world on June 22, 1987. Astaire was born on May 10, 1899, in Omaha which is situated in the United States of America. Fred was a master of performances, choreography, acting, and singing. Fred married twice, the first marriage with Phyllis Livingston Potter, Phyllis died in 1954, this sadly took a toll on Fred. But Fred lived happily, entertaining people. They use to say that Fred seeks his solace while performing for others. In 1980, Fred married again founding Robyn Smith as the second chance of love in Fred’s life. But unfortunately, Astaire wasn’t fortunate enough. Fred passed away while enjoying the luxury of his love life and success in 1987.

1. Michael Jackson

The King of Pop and Rock, Michael Jackson left a legacy behind himself. A legacy, of dance, starting culture with his dance. It felt more like a revolution which changed millions and billions of people’s perspective for life. Michael Joseph Jackson was just the name Micheal got from his birth, Micheal has been called by several others, like the most popular MJ, King of Pop, Mikey, The Gloved One and numerous others. Inbred on August 29, 1958, Micheal Jackson died when he was 50-year-old. The world didn’t have enough of MJ till that time. Mickey might have his concerts planned in some fairyland. Where the Gloved one must still be performing his moonwalks. Accompanying some of the greatest dancers on the cloud nine.

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