The History & Evolution of Adult Movies

There are just a handful of pastimes we as humans enjoy. Now since you read the title and you know what this article is about you will most definitely argue about adult movies being just a pastime.

What the reality is in the beginning they were just a pastime like any other movie but with a little sauce to it. Well, at least the first movies were like that after the people settled down and accepted them at all. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves and try to make an intro.

The first-ever “adult movie” was made in 1896 and it had several names from “Maria Falls to Sleep” to “Bedtime for The Bride” and believe it or not this movie was the intro or prelude to pornography we have now. To those that don’t know this movie never had any sex in it, it had a scene where two individuals had a long lingering kiss and that was all. The movie was around 7 minutes long and it suffered such a big backlash from the viewers that it was unbelievable to explain. But, in those times that was to be expected, different times mean different perceptions and the behaviour as we all deem normal now was not back then.

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The evolution is doing its thing and our mindsets were slowly changed to get to a state we have right now and to reach the content of the adult movies we have now. If you want to see where we are at now try and see if there is anything for you there.

Let’s continue with the history lesson, shall we? What is the next big thing that started sculpting the porn industry the way it is now? Well, the answer to that brings us to Germany in 1910 and the movie called “In the Evening”. This was a masterpiece that brought audiences first views, close-up views to male and female genitals. It was not groundbreaking and frowned upon but it was the first to start the avalanche. This was where everything began and we started an era of adult film testing or setting and pushing the limits of what is acceptable and what isn’t or shouldn’t be.

The biggest dictator of what adult films were and were supposed to be where the moral and mind set. As time progressed and changed, both of these moved accordingly meaning that adult films moved with them. From kissing that was deemed unwanted and naughty we have grown to full nudity, to full male and female parts close-ups and to what we have now. The porn industry grew significantly and it became a part of our lives whether we liked it or not. Once upon a time, it was unheard of for a male and female partner to sit together and enjoy these types of movies, now it is normal or it is advised in certain moments. We grow, we learn, we adjust and it is our way as a species. We are meant to break the bonds and chains of what is dragging us down and we are supposed to evolve but sometimes we do take the wrong route.

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In the mid-19th to early 20th century, we could see an outbreak of adult movies that hosted almost anything that our minds could think of. The mistake here and a dark period for the industry at this point was catering to some devious behaviours and devious pleasures. We could see adult movies that depicted sex with animals, tortures and a lot of other things that I am personally disgusted by, but soon we moved away from that. Or at least a good part of the industry did, there are still those that cater to these sick and twisted desires and thankfully, they are in a great minority and hard to find.

The mid-20th century was a real turn for this industry and in this period we started seeing our first stars or professionals that were loved and liked for different things. This is where the general legalization of the industry started and where a consensus was reached that this is nothing that bad or hurtful. Anyone who wants can watch, anyone who doesn’t like this doesn’t have to endure this. The great role in the legalization of porn and the adult movie industry was played by the adult magazine called Playboy. This was a trendsetter back in its finest days and thanks to it many great things came from that period.

Nowadays porn industry is in its boom and it tends to be even greater. Sex has become a normal thing almost anywhere and everyone with an internet connection can access the goodness that is porn movies. If you are willing to pay for it on certain platforms and sites you will get extra and that extra is the proof that this industry has evolved well. Now you can have access to porn movies tailored to you, you can even access higher quality videos as well as some virtual reality content that will bring pleasure to the highest level. Porn has grown significantly and it will keep growing especially when other aspects of our surroundings are following its progress.

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Think about the tech we will have in a few years and think about the fact that the adult toys industry joining up with the adult movie industry to bring you over virtual reality your favourite porn actor/actress with a toy that resembles them in total or certain parts of it. Imagine if those parts felt like a real human and if they moved, made noises or more.

The possibilities are huge and the further development of Adult movies will probably never peak. Since there are so many of us and since we are all different, catering to all of our needs and desires will take forever and we believe that Porn movies will continue to evolve and bring us new things, both good and bad. It is up to us to choose what we like, what is humanly acceptable and what is deemed as normal by society. We all like something else, and some of us are freakier than others, but as the state of the porn industry is now they are balancing our freakiness very well and we hope that they will continue to do a good job.

Most of us have grown with porn, and many will continue to, nothing bad in that as far as we all know our boundaries and the boundaries set by society and humanity in general.