8 Famous Actors Who Have Appeared In Adult Movies

Becoming a famous actor is not something that can be achieved overnight. Many celebrities have to go through a lot of stuff before entering into the movies. We are not judging anybody’s struggle here because every person had a different journey. You may get a little shocked to know that several of your favorite celebrities have started their early journeys from adult content only.

There was a time when popular celebrities now used to do jobs that are not very close to their hearts. Some worked as a waiter in a construction company, and some even worked for adult entertainment industries. This article will share the list of famous actors that have appeared in pornography or adult-rated films.

Whether some celebrities like to accept it or not, they have come down dirty in front of the camera. Some of them made X-rated films before entering the big industries, whereas few celebrities appeared in such videos due to their leaked sex tapes. Are you searching for some good pornography sites for entertaining yourself? If yes, then consider visiting


There can be several reasons why a celebrity had to appear in adult movies, so we should not judge anyone on that basis. Let us quickly check the list of famous actors who did x-rated films before becoming big stars.

1. Jon Hamm


In an interview with a magazine, Jon Hamm confessed that he worked in the porn industry before becoming a popular TV star. His 90’s dating show went viral after he revealed this to the public. He further said that he used to work as a dresser as well in soft-porn films. It was his duty to arrange daggy props and decorate them around the porn stars.

2. Kim Kardashian


You must be aware of the sex tape of Kim that got leaked in the year 2007. Before the leakage of this tape, she used to be just a sidekick to the actress Paris Hilton. Kardashian appeared in this tape with her ex-boyfriend, i.e., Ray J Norwood, and it changed her entire career. This leaked tape is believed to have boosted Kim’s career path to the next level.

Even though Kim denied being in that video initially but later down she settled down the matter with Vivid entertainment, in which she got around $5 million from them. There was a book released in 2016 by Halperin named Kardashian Dynasty where he claimed that Kim’s mother and manager deliberately leaked the video and it was all a plan to make Kim a celebrity.

3. Cameron Diaz


Cameron Diaz is another famous celeb who starred in an X-rated movie before she attained fame in the film industry. She was just 19 years old when she did that adult film. You might not be able to find her video now because she already bought it right when she earned huge from her famous movie known as “The Mask.”

4. Sibel Kekilli


If you have watched Game of Thrones, then you must have known this actress. She played the role of Tyrion Lannister’s lover in that series. She has been seen in a series of hardcore porn films before she became a popular actress. According to the reports, her family has cut off all contact with her after getting to know about this and said that they would never forgive her for bringing disgrace to the family.

5. Arnold Schwarzenegger


Before turning into a bodybuilder, a famous actor, and a politician, Arnold has starred in some pornographic magazines. He worked as a model of gay porn and also posed in a naked position for a gay magazine named “After Dark.” However, you will find none of his sex videos floating on the internet, and we all should be grateful for that.

6. Jackie Chan


Famous for his well-known career in iconic Kung Fu movies, even Jackie Chan is amongst the stars who appeared in adult movies in their early years of occupation. It seems that apart from Kung Fu, there are other activities as well that Jackie likes to do on camera. It was revealed in 2006 that he had been seen in an adult comedy known as “All in the family.” He said that he had to do that to earn his living, and there is no big deal in it.

7. Sylvester Stallone


Another actor who struggled a lot before becoming the fame of Rocky Franchise is Sylvester. In an interview, he claimed that he used to clean the cages of lions in a zoo and even worked in theatres before his career took a big jump in the film industry. He appeared in a soft porn movie known as “The party at Kitty and Stud’s” in 1969.

He received a payment of $200 for working in that movie for two days. The actor said that he was in a terrible situation and anyhow had to do that movie. He had no choice because his financial condition was so bad that he used to sleep in the bus station.

8. David Duchovny


David is known as a man blessed with many talents. He completed his UG degrees from the Yale and Princeton ivy league universities. After that, he became a well-known TV actor by running successful shows like Californication and The X-files.

But have you ever seen him in some pornographic stuff? Well, yes, this actor appeared several times in the 90’s softcore porn. This porn series was famous by the name “The Red Shoe Diaries.” So now you can imagine why this famous TV star is a man known to have many talents.

To sum up

It is not an overnight journey to become famous Hollywood stars. Everybody has their own experiences before entering this industry. Some celebrities even had to appear in adult movies, whether by choice or due to financial situations. Check out the list given above and know some dark secrets about your favorite actors.