Diving Deep into Naked Celebrities with ThePornDude

Diving Deep into Naked Celebrities

Looking for the hottest pictures of celebrities in the wild? Well, look no further, you’re already on RatedShow – the one-stop-shop for the freshest lewd celebrity photos. We know that celebrity photos never go out of style. There are always tons of people who are dying to see more of their favorite on-screen goddesses. But if you want to get raunchier, see some underground smut and maybe learn a little in the process, we recommend the one and only, ThePornDude.

Spreading Wisdom on the Beauty of Celebrities


ThePornDude is the internet’s premier provider of porn reviews and insight. You can learn a lot from this guy and find a ton of links to pretty much every kind of pornography you can think of. And, when it comes to celebrity nudes, he does not disappoint. This genre might be a bit far off into the sidelines of the porn industry, so much so that it’s a bit of a niche, but ThePornDude takes all parts of his website very seriously.

His website’s got a lot of different sections for different types of porn so you can quickly navigate through the thousands of reviews on there. His celebrity sections are loaded with tons of links to websites you didn’t even know existed. As it turns out, there are literally hundreds of sites that specialize in celebrity smut, with many interesting twists and turns. You know that we prefer the real, unfiltered, and natural shots from photoshoots and red carpets. But, if you’d like to experiment a little bit and see something a bit raunchier, ThePornDude has you covered.

Fake and Sexy Nude Photos

Fake nudes have been around since Photoshop 1.0, ever since the first motivated pervert realized he could take a pair of breasts off of his favorite pornstar and plop them onto his favorite mainstream celeb. For the past decade or so, this type of content has grown in popularity so much that there are now thousands of dedicated sites that gather celebrity nudes. These sites even go way out of their way to catalog the nudes in different categories that they’ve invented specifically for the genre.

Maybe you want to see some mixes and matches like the aforementioned pornstar-on-movie-star Photoshop pics. Or maybe you’d prefer to see the girls’ faces placed into actual porn scenes. Whatever the case, you’ll find tons of links and reviews on ThePornDude’s fake celebrity nudes section.  This section lists the best sites out there and gets you wondering about why there are so many of them. After all, they must be a lot of overlap among the pictures that they have to offer. This might be true, but there are a lot of original works as well. Plus, ThePornDude helps you figure out how these sites sort their smut and what their layout is like. No nudes site is worth exploring if the creators didn’t bother to curate their content.

Deepfakes Changes the Nudes Game


ThePornDude couldn’t call himself the king of smut wisdom if he didn’t delve deep into deep fakes, so it’s a good thing you’ll find a lot of links for them on his site. Sometimes they’re mixed in with the nudes, other times you’ll find dedicated sites that only do deep fakes. Unlike the older celebrity fakes that are much easier to make, deep fakes take talent and tech-savvy, so finding a single high-quality video is a real prize when it happens.

The problem with deep fakes is that it takes a lot more than just finding the right face and the right body to put together. These are videos that feature a lot of high-tech face-tracking technology that the average smut lover doesn’t quite understand – mostly because it takes AI training and quite possibly an engineering degree to get them right. Still, the porn community is coding away, working hard to bring fresh deep fakes to the world. ThePornDude, on the other hand, remains the middle man who’s always working hard around the clock to aggregate all the different smut sites that you’ll need to get to your next favorite celebrity nude.

TheFappening Shocked the World

So we’ve gone over standard fakes and deep fake videos, but if you’re the type of guy who doesn’t like playing pretend and you need real celebrity nudes, you were probably a really happy camper when TheFappening happened. If you haven’t heard, TheFappening was an all-out leak of celebrity nudes that were taken from their iCloud accounts. Ever since then, these nudes have been distributed over the internet between damn near every smut site that deals with celebrity nudes. This generated a lot of controversies when it first happened, shining a light on the lack of security that these cloud storage services suffer from.

ThePornDude’s Fappening section is here to help you find every single one of those sites, again listing and describing the differences between them so you don’t have to compromise on quality. The original leak featured thousands of photos, so chances are you haven’t even gone through all of them yet. And as if that wasn’t enough, there have been other less influential, but no less impressive leaks since, so the list just keeps growing.

As for the sites that bring the nudes, they’re growing in numbers too. They’re not technically necessary, but as long as there’s a competition between them, they’ll be trying to catalog the nudes better and work harder to get new nudes to you quicker.

ThePornDude Always Delivers


The nice thing about using ThePornDude to find smut is that if you decide to take a break from celebrity nudes, he’s got you covered with everything from porn games to proper triple-A videos. The fun never stops among his reviews and he’s working hard to cover every single porn website that comes out, no matter how small it might be.

So, to get the most out of all the celebrity nudes out there, whether they’re fake, real, or AI-generated, you know who to call.

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