28 Exquisitely Sexy Photos of Mihiro Taniguchi Ever

Mihiro Taniguchi’s journey to the mainstream Japanese film industry was quite a struggling one. She started as a porn actress or as locally known as the AV industry. But her potential was more than that and at the right time, she achieved the place she deserved.

Mihiro debuted in the drama series “Tokumei Kakarichou Tadano Hitoshi 2”  back in 2005. Her performance was influencing and people admired that. The next Mihiro got into a movie, “Ori Nyosho Reika Shukan”.Since then she has appeared in more than a dozen films and TV shows.

After quitting the adult industry, she wrote a book reflecting upon her past life. ”Nude”, a beautiful work which later converted into a movie to unfold the dark side of Mihiro’s life.

She is a cast member of the latest Netflix Japan venture, Ju-On: Origins. The first Japanese horror-thriller is on the verge of an international breakthrough. Mihiro also acted in a previous installment of the same franchise in 2009, it was in the film “Ju-on: White Ghost”.

Mihiro Taniguchi is a beautiful Japanese angel who has gone through enough rough patches. Yet she shines like her bodily magnificence never decays. We have collected some of her extremely ravishing hot pics that would make your day. Go through them one by one and I’m sure you’ll find yourself in her eyes. 

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