Michael Jackson that Shared Stage with Other Famous Celebs

Diana Ross and Michael Jackson
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Michael Jackson had shared the stage with almost all the famous celebrities of his time and everyone recognized him as a friend and co-worker. Jackson too loved sharing the stage with these living legends. As an artist, he welcomed these opportunities and never let anyone down. That’s why his fans across the world expanded again and again. In this article, we are going to discuss this topic, entertainer shared the stage with these famous people.

Michael Jackson ft Usher ft Chris Tucker

Michael has a long list of sharing the stage with celebrities. Let’s start with the famous Usher and Chris Tucker. While performing “You Rock My World” with six female dancers, Usher and Tucker came up on the stage in the ending portion and danced like pros. So excited by the MJ laid flat on the ground and hugged Tucker. I am sure it will give you some warm memories.

Whitney Houston

The great Whitney Houston shared the stage with Michael Jackson on several occasions. In this video, you can see her awarding MJ for various categories. Houston and MJ were contemporary and had similar talents. Here she says how MJ’s videos marked the beginning of an era that was going to be a booming industry in itself. Houston also personally liked MJ and shared her admiration for him multiple times.


In the World Music Awards 2006, Beyonce presented Michael Jackson with the award to celebrate the 25 years of Thriller, the greatest album in the history of music. She gave a little speech describing the 104M sold records of the album and his charities. After that MJ comes on stage to accept the award. At the same time, he was given another Guinness Book Record for the album.

James Brown

When one legend meets another legend on the stage, the audience is the lucky chap there. Something similar happened when James Brown all of a sudden called young MJ on the stage to perform. This wasn’t the only time though, Brown and Jackson had a special relationship of years and whenever they met, the audience had an emotional environment.

Morgan Freeman

Morgan Freeman is undoubtedly a widely loved figure and when he and Michael are on the same stage, it’s bound to be something great. We all know how MJ supported humanitarian causes through charity. His Heal The World is one of the notable charities in the World that donates millions of dollars to this cause even today. Morgan Freeman awarded Michael for this reason.

Elizabeth Taylor

The Hollywood legend and veteran actress once shared the stage with Michael Jackson where he presented Taylor with a bouquet to show his respect. This is the humbleness of Jackson despite being such a great star over decades, he still believes in the virtue of groundedness.

Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake is now a significant name in the music industry but some years back when he was a member of NSYNC, something greater happened. Michael was inducted in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame twice. For the second time, Timberlake and his friends had the honor to present him the award. MJ had to walk with a stick on the stage because he had broken his foot while dancing.

Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy is a really fun person to be on the stage with and something similar happened on the stage with Michael. The mic was really low so MJ had to ask him if he could pull it up, what happened next was hilarious, just watch the video. Anyway, it was the 1989 American Music Award and MJ was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award.

Janet Jackson

If you are a true MJ fan, this video is a must for you. Janet Jackson, sister of Michael, presents him with the Grammy Legends Awards. With a loving speech to his brother, Janet shows a video recapping the career of Michael Jackson from his childhood to the present time.

Diana Ross

Diana Ross, the exceptional musical personality of America had a beautiful relationship with the King of Pop. She ruminated her times with Michael and how they enjoyed each other’s company. In that stage of the American Music Award, she awarded him with the Award of Merit.

Britney Spears

Briteny is a talented singer and she has proven it again and again. In 2001, Spears performed with MJ in the song “The Way You Make Me Feel”. I must say she had impressed the king of Pop with her performance and both of them had a great time on the stage.

Sammy Davis Jr

Sammy Davis Jr. was a legend of music and I MJ didn’t miss the opportunity to pay his tribute to the man who has been an idol to every entertainer across the USA. In this heart touching performance by Jackson, you could see the sense of emotions in his eyes.


The world-renowned guitarist from Gun’s N Roses performed with MJ in the MTV Music Award 2005. Where the duo set the stage on fire with an Electric guitar and moonwalk in the song Billie Jean. If you haven’t seen the video yet, you are missing. And the last bit of the video consists of a short but sweet speech from MJ before he started to sing “Dangerous”.