Top 10 Celebrities With Most Beautiful Smile

Some people are famous for their prettiest smile in the world. They gained success and a huge fan base just by smiling, Fascinating! Right? Even doctors suggest to smile and laugh regularly if you want to stay fit and live longer. Your smile can show different aspects of your character, showing what mood you are in and what all you are going through. Here is the catalog of Top 10 Celebrities with the most beautiful smile in the world.

10. Matthew Perry

Matthew Perry People with most beautiful smile in the world
Photo: Hello Giggles

With his confidence portraying smile, the great Mathey Perry made her presence known as Chandler Bing from “Friends”, those of you who have watched the T.v series, know how important the character was to the show. Doing justice to the character Mathew was always spotted smiling and cracking his odd jokes making everyone laugh filling their eyes with tears of happiness and stomach with a twinge, due to extreme laughter. If your smile can make someone happy, you have the best gift in the world.

9. Ashley Greene

Ashley Greene People with most beautiful smile in the world
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Another Twilight star is an owner of the naughty and mystical smile that can lure you in temptations, with her uprising career, Ashley Green has the most pleasant smile in the world, reaching all the way to her cheeks making them blush whenever she smiles. Appraised and acknowledged for every role she portrayed, her admirers love to see her smiling, it gives them the feeling of love and happiness.

8. Taylor Lautner

Taylor Lautner People with most beautiful smile in the world
Photo: Fanpop

Although the acting career of Taylor Lautner has not been so perfect like his smile, he still has a long list of female followers who are ready to do anything for Taylor, just to see him smile. Girls are crazy for the Werewolf Taylor, with his toned muscles and fresh looks, his smile acts like a Jewel in the crown.

7. Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift People with most beautiful smile in the world
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Some of the most beautiful smiles hide the dimmest secrets. Killing someone by her smile is the skill possed by the amazing Taylor Swift. Her petal lips widen giving a glimpse of her sparkling white teeth making her look more desirable and exotic. She doesn’t need a weapon to destroy someone, it’s her smile which can make it hard for you to forget her even in your dreams. Naughty and all sexy diva rockstar Taylor swift with her tailored smile can make you restless by the desire and thirst of being loved by this beauty.

6. Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise People with most beautiful smile in the world
Photo: News Hunt Media

Flattering all the ladies in the world, Tom cruise smiles like there is no tomorrow to be happy, if asked, who has the most beautiful smile? It wouldn’t be a false statement to say that it’s Tom Cruise. Winning the hearts of millions by showing the most precious and valuable smile, Mr. Cruise made the ladies go crazy since the beginning of his career. He’s always been the choice of everyone when it comes to finding someone who has the looks and the skills to be the best.

5. Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe People with most beautiful smile in the world
Photo: Marilyn Monroe Official/Facebook

Familiar to all, the sensuous and most enticing Marilyn Monroe can’t be fancied without a smile on her face. The life-giving a smile of Marilyn can’t escape one’s memory. it was one of the utmost paramount countenances of her charm. If she would have to credit the success of her viability to something or someone, we are questionless that it would be her smile which made her so alluring among her fans. Liquefying someone’s soul just by a smile is something that was gifted to Marilyn Monroe. RIP!

4. Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr People with most beautiful smile in the world
Photo: Wallpaper Cave

Australian hot model Miranda Kerr can take your breath away with her smile worth billions. Gained popularity in 2007 by appearing as Victorias Secret Angel, Miranda Kerr has one of the most beautiful smiles in the world worth dying for. Adding charm to her personality, she is loved by everyone and her smile makes sure she stays on the preeminent of her persevering.

3. Deepika Padukone

Deepika Padukone People with most beautiful smile in the world
Photo: jakpost

The diva of Bollywood made her presence known to everyone around the globe by her extraordinary acting skills. Not limiting her career to just Bollywood Deepika made her way to Hollywood starring in XXX: Return of Xander Cage, starring next to Vin Diesel. She had languished from daunting movements in her life, going through a lot of trauma after she broke up the long going relationship with one of his co-star. According to her the only reason she was able to cope up with the stress and fears was by smiling and showing the world she is still strong and determined. Deepika’s smile can flatter any living being in this world.

2. Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway People with most beautiful smile in the world
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With a childlike smile, Anne Hathway has always been a center of attraction around the world. The sensation has the most gorgeous smile in the world personified her beauty to a level that no one can attain. Her eyes sparkle whenever she let loose the adorable smile she posses, reaching all the way through her eyes, her smile is worth dying for. Anne has always managed to get her way through with her charms and looks, where her smile played definitely a big role in boosting up her career.

1. Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson People with most beautiful smile in the world
Photo: Michael Jackson official Site

Michael Jackson charmed the world by his excellent performance skills proving the world, no matter whether you are black or white if you have the talent to be the best. No one in this world can stop you from attaining what you are destined for. Supporting him in this cause was his ambiguous smile, which stayed with him till his last breath. Owner of the prettiest smile Mr. Jackson never lost hope, even when he had to go through the hardships in his career, which made him more desired and respected by his fans. Loved by all Mr. Jackson is no more among us but wherever he is, we pray to God that his soul rests in peace.