Home Furniture Shopping Tips: 5 Mattress Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

The pieces of furniture you display are what turns a house into a home. That is why you also need to think carefully when you shop for these home essentials. Such is also the case when you decide to purchase a mattress. As you can see, a mattress is no small purchase to make, literally.

Furthermore, choosing the perfect one for you is not as easy as it sounds, especially if you don’t know anything about them. Now that more and more options are being made available in the market, it’s understandable if you get overwhelmed, even more so if it’s your first time shopping for a mattress.

But, with all the information and facts you have to gather, where should you start? Good thing this article can help you with that. Enumerated below are some basic facts about mattresses that you might or might not have heard somewhere before.

Different Mattress Types


In this time and age, you must know that mattresses come in different types. New mattress designs are being created from time to time to cater to the growing needs of different people when talking about comfort and support. These needs also vary from person to person. Hence, it is vital to know what type will work best for you before deciding on a mattress. Here are some common types:

  • Innerspring beds – these are mattresses that use metal springs that provide support. In addition, comfort is also based on the number of springs where the more coil spring it has, the more comfort it can provide. This type of mattress is what you can commonly see in many households, partly because it is cheaper compared to others. However, innerspring beds usually do not last for a very long time.
  • Memory Foam – this is a type of mattress that uses foam, specifically materials made from polyurethane, as its main support and comfort system. Memory foams are dense, meaning they can easily conform to the body’s shape when pressure is applied to them. On the one hand, they can retain heat as efficiently since they are dense, so you might want to check the next type if you sleep hot.
  • Gel foam – nowadays, a gel is added to memory foams to lessen their ability to retain heat, thus the birth of gel memory foams. These are made by adding either liquid gel or gel beads while the material is being processed. Because they address the previous concerns about memory foam, this type of mattress is now one of the most sought-after memory mattresses.
  • Latex foam – another type of foam mattress is latex foam. This type is usually made from the natural sap of rubber trees, which is frothed and baked to create foam. Compared to memory foam, they are less dense, so they do not retain heat as much. They are also bouncier and more eco-friendly. However, they are slightly more expensive.
  • Hybrid – makers of mattresses have also designed a bed that utilizes springs at its core and top layers of foam that can be either memory, polyfoam, or latex. This type of bed is known as a hybrid. Most people prefer to buy this mattress, especially those who share their beds with a partner or shift in multiple positions as they sleep. But just like latex foams, they are also quite pricey.

There are still so many types, such as air beds, water beds, and the likes. To help you start somewhere, you can consider the aforementioned types, or you can Click Here to learn about the best types to buy this 2024.

Your Sleeping Needs Matter


Your ultimate goal when buying a mattress should be your comfort. That is why you need to identify your needs because they greatly matter when it comes to giving you comfort. In this case, your sleeping needs may include your most comfortable sleeping position. In addition, the perfect mattress type will actually depend on your preferred position.

For example, most side-sleepers need a softer mattress to give pressure relief at their hip and shoulder areas. Preferably mattresses that can contour to their body’s shape efficiently, such as foam mattresses. If you’re a stomach- or back-sleeper, on the other hand, firmer mattresses are ideal as flatter surfaces can help align the spine better, especially to avoid lower back pain.

Consider the Size, Too


Mattress sizes should also be part of your list of things to consider. When you buy the mattress in its proper size, you can have enough sleeping space, especially if you move around your bed a lot as you sleep. To help you choose the right size, you should consider who will use it, who you will share it with, and of course, how much space your room allows.

From there, you can then choose whether the bigger-sized California king or the smaller one, such as a double-sized bed, will suit you. Remember, though, that the prices of these sizes will also vary depending on how big or small they are.

You Can Shop Offline and Online


Nowadays, the trend in marketing has shifted to an online platform, which everybody seems so excited about. Well, no one can blame them. It’s because when you order online, you can find other mattresses that are not found in your local stores. In addition, some of the beds bought are also cheaper because most online brands usually have a lower overhead cost.

Of course, if you still prefer to go to physical stores, you can. The more significant advantage when you choose to go to showrooms is that you can try on the mattress yourself and identify whether it’s the “one” for you. However, you might get overwhelmed with sales pressure from all the sales talking. Also, these stores usually tend to offer higher prices.

Expensive Isn’t Always the Best


It is essential to know that a higher price doesn’t necessarily mean higher quality. It would help if you were reminded of this because most buyers tend to think this way, and sometimes they end up buying something that’s not worth it for them. Remember, many mattresses can provide you comfort without being too expensive. That’s why the best thing to do here is to always stick to your budget.


Buying a mattress is probably among those things that involve a challenging decision-making process. Although it might feel a little overwhelming, as long as you are equipped with the mattress basics such as those mentioned above, there’s no need to get anxious. Happy shopping!