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Ways to Know If Your Home Security System Has Been Breached

Today, the camera has become a necessary element when it comes to the security system that every home should have. This is known all over the world and because of that, the demand for the camera has undoubtedly increased during the last few years. This is because technology is becoming more affordable and offering more and more opportunities. It is much easier for everyone to have personal security such as this system and thus monitor every part of their property. However, this system is also a target for hackers.

As a result, a large number of people often cannot find a way to deal with hacker intrusions and prevent access to their recordings. This is an increasingly common problem that people face. Of course, it is not so easy to find out that your system has been hacked. You can find out in several ways. To help you with this, we’ve created a list of tips you can follow to find out if your system is compromised.

1. You cannot log in to your home security applications


If something like this happens to you, understand this as an alarm that indicates some suspicious actions or hacking. For example, you tried to log in as usual. However, the following happens. You cannot access these applications, which means that your security is absolutely compromised. When you have repeated this several times, and the result is always the same – give up. Someone changed the password, that is, they took your system into their own hands. So, there is nothing left of your old login information.

In that situation, you should immediately call the specialized company like titusalarmandcctv and report this situation. That way, you’ll know for sure if the system was really hacked or if there was a login error. Think about your passwords before you use them, someone probably did it and realized that you use the same password on all applications. This is a common mistake that people make and because of it they get into these situations. Our advice is to update your password frequently to protect yourself from burglary.

2. Automatic redirection

One of the common tactics used by hackers is this one. So, they will set up automatic redirection the moment you want to use the application for your security system. Instead of approaching without problems, as you always do, you will be transferred to something completely different. Of course, your consent will not be required for something like this. It will just happen to you.

You may think for the first time that it is a mistake, but if you keep trying and the same thing happens to you every time, worry. There is a good chance that you have been hacked or infected.

3. False warning message


This is another method of hacking that is often used. So, the people who do these things will do anything to lure you into the trap. This is exactly the case with fake warning messages that may reach you, and the content is mostly files that you should download. If you download and install this on your device, you will discover the evil intentions behind this message.

The purpose of such messages is not to protect you, but quite the opposite. They want to persuade you to download an app that is seemingly legitimate and can only bring you big problems. Do not relax for a moment and diminish the value of such messages. People generally think that this cannot happen to them, but it still happens.

4. Suspicious application on your device

If you happen to notice a new app on your device, and you know that you did not install it, it is most likely hacking. Why should we immediately suspect hacker intrusions? This is because an application installed on your phone or another device can modify all other applications in your phone. So, it can affect their settings as well as disable them.

Also, applications sometimes ask for permission, but sometimes they don’t. Therefore, it would be best to read its description carefully before installing an application. This way you will investigate the license and everything else that is of great importance for your safety. If you are wondering how to protect your system from potential hacking, read some of our tips below.

How to protect your home network?


Modern technology today relies on this, which means that the network is the first target of hackers. That’s why you should set up a barrier for them immediately by protecting the network. Think of a strong password and don’t keep it open so that everyone can access it. It would be best to have a private network and hide the SSID.

Of course, it is important to provide some other things as well as a router. This means that you should set up function login, remote operation, etc.

Use strong passwords

As we have already said, it is important to set a different password in each place and to change it often. Of course, it must be strong enough so that hackers do not break into your system so easily. They will most likely try simple passwords such as the username of another network, etc. first. To avoid this, make a combination when creating a password, use uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols.

Using multiple logins


Another way you can protect yourself is by placing multiple applications or a separate application for each member of the house. Otherwise, you can risk hacking, so your system will be more vulnerable. Instead, take advantage of this option and avoid the danger by having each household member have their own unique password.


As you know, modern technology is getting better and offers more options. These are ideal conditions for hacker intrusions that are becoming more discreet and less noticeable. This makes them harder to detect, but not impossible. Unfortunately, even the best devices are not resistant to these attacks. However, you can do everything in your power by detecting these suspicious actions in time. It is also a good idea to take all necessary precautions to protect yourself properly.