8 Most Beautiful Women in Puerto Rico

If you skipped all those Miss Universe and beauty pageant adventures on TV, you may not know that Puerto Rico is one of the most frequent winners of the Miss World contest. This is completely understandable considering the incredible beauty of the women from this island. Centuries of mixing of different nations, races, and cultures in this area have resulted in thousands of walking goddesses who, in addition to their physical appearance, have many other qualities that make them unique.

The impressive character of Puerto Rican women, their cheerful spirit, and lively temperament could easily delight any man. For those whose dream is to date such girls, it’s possible to learn more here about them and what they expect from guys in this article. Yet, if you’re just curious, simply take a look at Puerto Rico’s most beautiful celebrity women – and enjoy your view.

1. Kesia Elwin


This gorgeous woman is living proof that Puerto Rico has some other hot stuff besides climate. Kesia was born on November 25, 1976, in the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan. The brunette goddess and her perfect looks leave no one indifferent – both guys and girls are smitten by her appearance.

True, she’s better known as an actress, but she also built a production career. Some of her most famous works are roles in the 2012 drama ‘Parallel Avenue’ and the action movie ‘Miracle at St. Anna’, which was the first broadcast in 2008.

2. Rosario Dawson


Although she was born in New York, her roots come from Puerto Rico, considering her mother’s origin. Despite a difficult childhood marked by her parents’ divorce, she managed to start her acting career in the controversial film ‘Kids at the Age of 16’. At the end of the ’90s, she got some more roles, performed perfectly and delighted the audience around the world. Some of her notable roles are in ‘Light It Up’, ‘Broken Glass’, and Spike Lee’s ‘25th Hour’.

Rosario also appeared in certain videos such as ‘Out of Control’ by The Chemical Brothers, as well as in TV series such as ‘Daredevil’. Her campaigns against domestic violence, as well as those aimed at charities, production talent, and other socio-political activities are also worth admiring and mentioning.

3. Joan Smalls


Joan Smalls was born in the capital of Puerto Rico, San Juan, in July 1988. Although she graduated in psychology, she focused her career on other spheres.

Joan’s love for the fashion world has turned her into one of the most famous supermodels in this country. Her career has been marked by renowned brands such as Givenchy and Victoria’s Secrets (for which she has done several rather prosperous shows), Calvin Klein, H&M, Hugo Boss, Gucci, Chanel, and others. She also left a big mark at Estee Lauder as their first Latin American model ever. Besides all this, Smalls was the main star of many international fashion magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar, Glamor, and Vogue.

4. Zoe Saldana


Her connection with this Central American island nation comes from her mother who was born there. Her mixed origins probably explain her wonderful physical appearance which definitely made us put her on this list.

In her early childhood, while living in the Dominican Republic, she discovered her passion for ballet and other dances. After moving to the United States with her family, Zoe began to build a theatrical career – her group performed the pieces that were intended for teenagers, trying to contribute to a better life for young people.

Saldana’s first TV role was Eva Rodriguez in the movie ‘Central Stage’. Over time, her presence has increasingly attracted the attention and praise of various movie directors and actors. She worked with many of them and left them speechless and fascinated by her willpower.

5. Valery M. Ortiz


Valery was born in San Juan and spent her childhood in Florida. Like Zoe, she was also led to the main roles by her original passion for dance. At one point in her life, Ortiz moved to Los Angeles where she began working as a television presenter. This moment was a stepping stone in her career as this was the point when the world noticed her and when she started getting acting offers.

One of her prominent roles is Raquel in the series ‘Hit the Floor’. Besides that, she was declared as one of the 50 most beautiful women in the whole world. Ortiz also devotes her free time to charity, various initiatives for autistic children, and cancer organizations.

6. Roselin Sanchez


Roselin Sanchez has a rich biography full of various endeavors that made her stand where she is today. In her 20s, she arrived in New York, wishing to devote herself to singing, dancing, and acting classes. In addition to being extraordinary in all these disciplines, Roseline also showed a talent for modeling. In 1993, she won the title of Miss Puerto Rico Petite, and the following year she also achieved the same title, competing for America this time.

Various world-famous magazines have put her on the list of sexiest women in the world on multiple occasions. She began marketing studies that remained unfinished because she became engaged in world-famous movies such as ‘Rush Hour 2’, ‘Act of Valor’, and in the TV show ‘Devious Maids’.

7. Zuleika Rivera Mendoza


Remember the super cute girl from the music video for ‘Despasito’? She was born as Zuleika Jerris Rivera Mendoza in Cayey. During her career, this belle became famous as an actress and also won the title of Miss Universe in 2006, becoming the fifth winner of this title for her country.

Today she lives in Puerto Rico with her family. Some other creations she left behind include her extraordinary performance in movies ‘El Dragon: The Return of the Warrior’ and ‘Alguien Te Mira’.

8. Jennifer Lopez


And finally…. Can any list similar to this one go without the most popular Latin American actress and singer? No way – J. Lo is everything!

Although she was born in the Bronx, New York, she comes from a Puerto Rican family. From the age of five, when she started her dancing and singing classes, this hot Latina showed much potential, which turned her into a big star later, just like she wanted while she was young. Should we mention her extensive discography and her top movies such as ‘Monster-in-Law’ or ‘Selena’? Or anyone who hasn’t seen at least a minute of ‘The Wedding Planner’ or ‘Second Act’? We don’t think so!