Top 10 Most Beautiful Michael Jackson’s Songs

Top 10 Most Beautiful Michael Jackson's Songs
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Michael Jackson’s career spanned over five decades, and the number of his songs seems unending. But in this article, we’ll talk about 10 songs that we think are the best. We know there is no possible way to measure that, and neither do we dare to reject the other songs. It’s just a list that we have selected through some sorting and in the hope that you’ll like it. Also, we would love to hear from you about your list. Let’s see how much we have in common.

1. Man in the Mirror

Some songs live on forever with us. Through pain and joy, love, and sorrow, we seem to engrave the lines in our hearts. “Man in the Mirror” is at the top of that category for us Michael fans. It gives us a message to do good to us for the sake of the world. He saw things that we only imagine to see, and his messages were a sign of his heart that was always beating for people. I won’t go into the awards or popularity of the song, just the mere voice of a truly gifted singer is enough to make us cry.

2. Beautiful Girl

The beauty of Michael Jackson lies in small and tiny details of his artistry. The song “Beautiful Girl” was released as just a demo not even an official single but that was enough. The moment that romantic voice hits the ears brace yourself for the upcoming flow of memories. We have all fallen in love with beautiful girls or boys, those feelings, no matter how old, still are valuable to us. That’s why when Michael sings “I’m in love with a beautiful girl”, we seem to forget everything and shut our eyes to taste those memories once more.

3. Much Too Soon

This song was written way back in 1981 when Michael was preparing for Thriller. But the song never made any final cut of an album, maybe because of its unique attraction and the morose aroma that lingers through the heart of a failed lover. But when it was finally released in his posthumous album Michael, the audience embraced it with all their heart.

4. Childhood

Michael’s musical voice tells stories, stories of his life, and others’ lives. In “Childhood”, he opened up about the dreary childhood that always depressed him. He became a celebrity even before turning teenage; he never knew the joys of a normal boy. He had a rough relationship with his father too. All these come up in his song, and he once again lets us know that every part of our life needs tendering, we’re only as strong as our surroundings.

5. The Lost Children

Michael Jackson had boundless affection to children; he undertook the welfare of them as a sacred duty and performed it until the end. His foundation took care of thousands of infants and teenagers, who had nothing to survive in this ruthless world. This song carries a flavor of that heart, who always prayed that all “The Lost Children” might find their way home.

6. You Are My Life

“If it weren’t for children I would choose death”, said the man who has given the world so much. This song too is an ‘ode to children’, those pure hearts who brought a smile to his face. He made sure that his children would get the love that he didn’t get. Michael sang the lines that said, “You, suddenly appeared / It was cloudy before, but now it’s all clear”.

7. Keep the Faith

Dangerous was filled with uplifting songs, and it’s one of them. Michael believed that the soul is the most powerful entity if you learn to win over yourself, as Buddha said, “you’ll be able to conquer everything.” That’s why he tells you to believe in yourself, ‘and a little self-esteem’- your destination is yours to reach.

8. Heaven Can Wait

Yes, it can wait if I’m with my love. Michael’s romanticism knew no bounds; he was destined to love. Even when the final bell rang, he’s too busy to leave with the angels. The sheer affection between the lovers is so relatable that this song from Invincible can bring tears to everyone’s eyes who have tasted love even for once.

9. Human Nature

Steve Porcaro and John Bettis created magic while writing this beautiful romantic ballad. Michael did the rest for us with his celestial voice; each word felt like a desperate lover wooing his lady love. Michael went on to express the feelings as if held in captivity someone wants to feel the air. Because freedom is “Human Nature”.

10. I Just Can’t Stop loving you

In this song, Siedah Garrett accompanied Michael to create a song that would later become an anthem of a generation. It’s also a love ballad that portrays a yelling lover who wants to spend some time and love his woman. The Bad album has so many songs, each with some uniqueness, but this song will always be in the heart of his fans.