The 6 Best Michael Jackson Songs From Album Off The Wall

Best Michael Jackson Songs From Off The Wall Album
Photoshoot During Off The Wall Era/Sony/Epic/ Image: Grammy

Solo debut Off The Wall is the album that set the course for Michael to achieve the greatness he is known for. Collaboration with Quincy Jones and Rod Temperton, signing a contract with Epic Records, everything came into the way that would make him The King of Pop. This album worked as the stepping stone for his upcoming album Thriller and undoubtedly it’s something to cherish. In this article, we’ll look at the 6 Best Song from Off The Wall.

1. Rock With You

“Rock With You” is unquestioningly the best song of the album. It rocked for decades in Michael’s voice. The song remained at the peak of the US Pop and R&B chart for quite a few weeks. The catchy lyrics got on everywhere and people loved the disco influence, which is considered to be a glimpse of its final days. Till this day, it keeps our hearts warm listening to the song.

2. Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough

The song has a significant effect on Michael’s career as it is counted in his earlier successes. “Don’t Stop ‘Til You Get Enough” is an RIAA certified 4x platinum and achieved global success in North America and Europe. Michael won his first Grammy for the song and his stardom started expanding out of the shadows and The Jackson 5. So, altogether it is something to enjoy.

3. She’s Out of My Life

It hurts when the one you love isn’t anymore in your life, and this song captures the perfect lyrical emotion to express the pain through music. Written by Tom Bahler, it further explores the untouched corners of a failed lover. It hit the US Billboard Hot 100 chart and got at number three in the UK. Besides the audience, critics too praised the song for Michael’s divine voice.

4. Off The Wall

A fine piece of music indeed. It took a place in the Top 10 list-making Michael’s efforts shine. The song is about spreading the message of freedom, you aren’t a slave to the “nine to five” system. Go out, feel the air, and taste your liberty. Michael had never been a fan of conventional methods and stereotypes, he believed in the true potential of people and that’s what he said in his music. And thanks to Rod Temperton, it makes perfect sense.

5. Working Day and Night

The interesting fact about “Working Day and Night” is, it was never officially released but when it got out on the B side- everyone loved it. Even Michael performed the song in live shows because of its popularity. It deals with the classic dilemma of a man working and missing his ladylove, what’s the point of working if I don’t get to spend time with you!

6. I Can’t Help it

“I Can’t Help It” is the perfect example of teenage love. It revolves around the restless mind of young blood who has felt love. The wild call to meet his partner is irresistible and he finds her at every place he looks. Michael never failed to express the emotions of love even in his earlier works. The newfound feelings are always a treasure to our heart, this song is great to stimulate those old memories once again.