Top 10 Best Songs From Michael Jackson ‘Invincible’

Top 10 Best Songs From Michael Jackson 'Invincible'
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Michael Jackson’s 10th and final studio album were Invincible. It came at a time when he had already spent three decades in that field yet it added so much more to his legacy. The album hit several Billboard charts and worldwide critical acclaim. Out of the total of 16 songs, we have selected 10 to celebrate Michael’s last own album. Seat tight for the journey of downtown memory lane. 

10. You Rock My World

This was the last song of Michael Jackson to rank 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 list while he was alive. The song is fun, it opens with a gorgeous looking girl who wins the writer’s heart. Michael placed the song in a free environment to flow. That upbeat tempo can make anyone dance. “You Rock My World” hit the number 1 list in many countries of Europe including the UK, France, and Poland.

9. Butterflies

“Butterflies” is the last song of the album and some critics argue that it’s the best one. Jackson made this song with special assistance from Andre Harris and Marsha Ambrosius in producing it. It talks about a relentless lover who can’t stop his urges to meet the girl and yet she doesn’t answer his calls or messages. Interestingly after the recording, Harris said. “Butterflies’ really falls along [“Billie Jean”, “Rock With You”’s] lines.”

8. The Lost Children

Every day thousands of children lose their homes, get distanced from loved ones, “this one’s for all the lost children”. Michael’s love for humanity was boundless, he fought against everything that he found cruel. He truly loved children, their wellbeing was a greater concern for him. Solely written by Michael Jackson, this song is one of the best songs ever written for children.

7. Speechless

Some moments are so astonishing that we become “Speechless” and so was the King of Pop as he wrote the song. Fun fact, the idea of this song came after he played water-balloon fights with children. This romantic ballad is about a lady, who has taken over the writer’s heart and he could say nothing to express his joy, he fears it might not be real.

6. Unbreakable

Another song of love and how love makes us strong. Michael’s sole purpose of music was to spread love and cherish the feeling of kindness. In “Unbreakable”, he explains how love makes him stronger and gives him the power to withstand the rough winds. It’s a high tempo song, so get on your feet and stand moving cause Mike told so.

5. Whatever Happens

It’s a fight of staying together in rough days. MJ submerges in this new category of song that emphasizes on different phases of love. Sometimes it’s a breakup, sometimes it’s a happy union; a new taste to acquire for Michael’s fans. This song “Whatever Happens” talks about the struggles of making one another happy and secure for the rest of their lives.

4. You Are My Life

MJ didn’t have a loving childhood but his children could never complain because he gave them the best care possible. This song can be interpreted as dedicated to his children as they are the ‘sunshine’ of his life. In this song, he described how his children made his life different by filling it with love. Affection makes humans more down to earth and that’s what worked for MJ as well.

3. Don’t Walk Away

The song follows the classic theme of losing someone and you stand there watching. Michael’s voice feels like an angel singing the song from the gates of paradise, such a calm and slow rhythm. It’s always soul-crushing to see someone walking away from you, and you’re begging for some more moments together.

2. Break of Dawn

The dawn brings the sun and another day begins, but what about them, who didn’t want the night to end! Michael doesn’t want to part with the woman he loves but he knows with the “Break of Dawn”, their union shall end. That’s why he is trying to make the most of it within that time. The best thing about Invincible is that it talks about the general feelings lovers have in everyday lives, everyone can relate to these words.

1. Heaven Can Wait

Some moments feel so precious to us that it seems like even “Heaven Can Wait” for this. Michael Jackson, the man of the highest degree of musical talent poured his heart into this song. Originally written by Teddy Riley, the song talks about an artist, who can reject the call for heaven to spend the night with the lady he loves. For the album Invincible, this song set the bars as MJ slightly moved out of his genre.