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How Does Hertz Work: A Review of Their Business Model

Before Uber and Lyft took over the millennial market and became household names worldwide, there was Hertz. They are one of the founding fathers of the car rental business in the world.

They began in 1918 in Chicago. It runs under the leadership of John Hertz, who listed the company as the Hertz Corporation in 1954 on the New York Stock Exchange.

Since then, the company has had overwhelming success in the States with a mission of providing affordable car rides for everyone. They even help small businesses travel across the states with their Hertz business account.

This became the catalyst for the company to earn a revenue of 5.26 billion USD. Thus, making them one of the biggest car rental services, with a market share of 14.3% in the states after Enterprise services.

Here lies a few probable questions:

  • What makes their business so profitable?
  • How do they enter the market?
  • What is the unique selling point of their business?
  • Lastly, which business model do they follow?

Well, the business model answers all the questions mentioned above. It is fundamental to make the company active in the industry and help them to penetrate the market.

Therefore, let us understand

The Business Model of Hertz

The Business Model of Hertz

Any small or big business follows a direction that helps them highlight their services to customers. It can be a marketing strategy, customer segmentation, or selling cost-effective products.

Hence, the business model is the path to identify and sell products to service users. Similarly, Hertz follows a model that makes them visible in the world rental service market.

The business model of Hertz is divided into two parts:

Part 1: Customer Segment

It is the process by which you can divide your customers into different parts to understand the diverse needs of a customer. You can divide the customer based on geography, demography, and behavior.

In the case of Hertz, they segment their customers:

Corporations and Organisations

It includes small or large businesses whose employees frequently travel around the states.

Their presence in all the major developed countries, therefore their small business program helps the local shops and companies. For that, you have to register your business with a hertz business account.

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Individual Travellers

Individual Travellers 

The rental services of Hertz help sole travelers with their complimentary gold membership. This ensures that customers get a brilliant traveling experience.

They can pick you up or drop you off at the airport if you ask them. Also, they cover family trips, holidays, and other destination-goers.

Tour Companies

Hertz business account also offers help to travel and tour companies to take their customers from one place to another. The company provides the necessary four or six-wheelers to help the local business to flourish.

These segments bring a fair share of market space to the company. A chunk of revenue comes from the following section.

Part 2: Franchise

Through this segment, Hertz earns high revenue and profits. Franchise models help to increase their market presence and showcase their business to customers.

Further, it helps them to dominate the world rental industry and helps them maintain their position of best rental services. Currently, they operate in over 150 countries worldwide.

This includes Australia, the UK, Asia, Latin America, and major European countries. Thus, signifying their market penetration in the global rental industry.

After analyzing their business account, we can agree their unique selling point is hertz business account. It helps them expand their market size and profit by having multiple revenue streams.

Therefore, let us know –

What Is Hertz Business Accountant?

What Is Hertz Business Accountant? 

Hertz is one of the few companies that work closely with local shops and businesses. They provide a Hertz Link. Through this, local sellers can receive high-quality and reliable service to enhance their local presence.

They provide affordable pricing and premium service so you can focus on the product and your business.

Further, with their global presence, they offer the service to every local shop, allowing them to expand their business.

Benefits of Hertz Business Account

The business account comes with multiple benefits. Here are a few of them:

  • Consistent and transparent pricing
  • Competitive business rates in the UK, USA, and Europe
  • Access to employee benefit program
  • 1.93 USD rebate if the reservations are made online
  • A great range of cars for customers to choose
  • Delivery and collection for local business
  • Inclusion in the Hertz #1 Club membership

Further, the company has additional benefits:

  • Full maintenance and servicing
  • 24/7 recovery and breakdown process

Thus, making it an affordable service for the local shops to get into the midst of local folklore.

But wait! After all our discussion, do you know how to open a hertz business account? You don’t, right? So –

Here Is The Way To Open a Hertz Business Account

Here Is The Way To Open a Hertz Business Account

To sign up for an account on any platform, there is a process you need to follow. Similarly, for Hertz, there are a few you must fill out.

Personal Information

For the company to verify, you must enter your full name and email address in this segment. Further, you must add your cell phone number and enter a password to secure your account.

Note: To fill the password section, you must include a capital letter, a small letter, a number, and a special feature. This will enhance the security of your account.

Corporate Discount Code

Though it’s optional for customers to fill out if Hertz has a tie-up with your company, you can add a CPC code to get a rental discount.

You should fill in the CPC part and add the code for this. Further, include your date of birth to identify whether you are over 21 years of age or not.

Driver License

Driver License 

It is crucial when you are in a hurry and have to pick up the car quickly. Therefore, once you complete the license part, you can pick up the car from the airport.

Hence, you should give your driver’s license number and the place where you issued the permit. Lastly, add the expiry date, month, and year to get your choice of car quickly.

Credit Card Details

Debit cards cannot pay in the online portal. Therefore the company asks people to add card details to smoothen the car-picking process.

Adding the details to your hertz business account will save valuable time.

Note: Don’t forget to add the expiry date and month in the fill-up section.

Billing Address

Lastly, you should include where your rental bills should go. You can choose your home or business address.

For this, you need to add a relevant address. Be precise while you add the street name, area, and city. Also, add the postal code for the mail service people to visit you quickly.

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Segmenting The Ending


Ultimately, the business model separates one business from the other. The model highlights the company’s strategy and how it uses its USP to acquire customers.

Similarly, Hertz uses its hertz business account to gain more clients, from business to solo travelers. And this helps them to form different revenue streams.