How Do Spotify Artists Get Spotify Playlists? 

Music plays a significant role in our daily lifestyle. It can uplift your mood, make you feel happy, calm your mind, and bring out different other emotional responses. Songs and music work differently for different people, based on their mood, their taste and their preference for music changes.

Unlike before when radio or television was the only source of listening to music, now technology and software have advanced a lot. Now people can stream millions of songs and listen to them online on different platforms from any device. Listening to songs and music has been easier than ever.

Spotify is a popular music streaming application and provides the best tools and features that will enhance your music listening experience. This application is for both artists and listeners which makes it an even more widely used application around the globe. In this article, you will get insights into how Spotify artists get Spotify playlists.

How to create an artist playlist on Spotify?


Spotify has a huge fan base with millions of daily active users. It offers music streaming services along with different tools and features for free. However, if you want to take your music listening experience to the next level and enjoy your favourite songs without any interruptions, then you can upgrade to their premium version which offers additional tools and features.

Spotify is one of the best ways for artists to gain exposure and reach new fans. Artists can use Spotify to create and publish their own playlists, which are then automatically shared with their fans.

The platform also hosts playlists from other artists as well as its own curated playlists.

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Spotify artists can get their songs played on the platform by submitting them to be added to Spotify’s curated playlists. The process of adding songs to Spotify’s playlists is quite simple and involves filling out an application form and uploading your music files to the platform’s servers for review. The company takes about six weeks to review all submitted tracks before determining which ones are eligible for inclusion on one of its curated playlists.

Once Spotify has chosen one or more songs from your track list to add it will notify you via email with instructions on how you can promote your songs further through social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter using official hashtags.

How can artists make their albums trend on Spotify?

1. Generate hype on social media platforms


If you want to make your playlist trend on Spotify then it’s important to create some hype and promote your song before uploading it on any music streaming platform. The best way to do this is by posting pictures of your favourite tracks, writing about them, and tagging them with relevant hashtags.

Social media platforms are the best place where you can gain more visibility and create a fan base for your playlist. This will provide your fans with a chance to listen to your songs and see what type of music you have to offer. If you are looking for some inspiration, look at other artists’ playlists to see what they have been doing right that might be helpful for you.

2. Make your playlist look professional and attractive


To make your playlist trend on Spotify, you must make it look professional and attractive, it creates a positive impression on new listeners and will help you to gain more followers. You can either choose the same thumbnail for all your songs in the same playlist, or you can generate different thumbnails for different songs.

Ensure that the thumbnail relates to the playlist or song and not some random image copied from the internet. If your thumbnail is copied or plagiarised, your playlist will be rejected and won’t be able to add any songs. To make it look professional, ensure that all of the images are properly sized for the platform and that there are no jagged edges or blurry spots on any photos included in the playlist.

3. Check out Spotify for artists


Spotify offers multiple tools and features that you can use to make your album trend. Spotify for artists is an exclusive application designed for artists to help them create their albums and promote their songs using different analytics tools and features.

You can provide a lot of information regarding your album and songs like artist and album name, genre, mood, etc. to help your fans search your playlist easily. This will also recommend your album to new listeners who are searching for the same genre or mood.

4. Collab with popular influences and artist


You can also create reels and short videos with popular influences and artists to make your song trend on Spotify. Most people get influenced by watching reels and short videos that can create a huge hype for your song.

It will help potential listeners get familiar with what they are hearing before they decide if they want more of it. The more people like your music, the better chance it has to trend on Spotify. You can also work with other popular artists and take their help to promote your album.

The Bottom-line

As an artist, if you want to get your Spotify playlist and make it a trend then it’s crucial that you understand how this music streaming platform works and the tools and features it offers. Here you can also listen to podcasts of different artists from different genres.

There is no doubt in the fact that the success of any artist lies in the quality of their music, but that is not the only key to success. Every artist wants to see their song go viral and trend on top and to achieve this dream you must know how to get your playlist and make it trend everywhere.