Interior Design for Wedding Season in Lahore (2024)

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As the wedding season is nearing, the need for an interior designer is highest. An interior designer will be best for your house design and will improve your design quality as well.

But even if you are not ready to hire an interior designer, here are a few things you can do to make your house stand out and ready to receive your guests.

Wedding season in Lahore is full of excitement and always brings joy. You get a lot of guests, and they all need a house that is well-suited for the event. This is why is here with its wedding season interior design ideas and suggestions.

Weddings and Interior Design in Lahore

Weddings in Lahore are always exciting and lavish. They attract a lot of culture and are the perfect example of culture and tradition in motion.

This makes the whole affair unique and demands an equally exciting interior design. The more you invest in interior design, the better the wedding will be.

This is why we present the five must-haves for this season.

Get a Fresh Coat of Paint

Get a Fresh Coat of Paint

You can start by giving your house a fresh coat of paint. This will change the whole outlook of the house.

A fresh coat means you hide the blemishes and the inconsistencies in wall texture. A fresh coat is also the time you understand the changes you need, as everything looks different after you finish the first coat.

You should choose a colour palette that is not aggressive but neutral and has a soothing feeling.

However, as there will be so many people, including kids, you should not be too dull to catch the blemishes and stains. You can read our guide on choosing the right colour on our website.

Retouch Your Furniture

Although you get new furniture in the wedding season, if you are on a budget, you should also freshen up your furniture.

A new wax layer or varnish will go a long way for the table and your house’s interior look. As you get new furniture, this will match the new and old in complete and perfect harmony.

You can do it yourself, but the ideal is to hire a professional renovation agency such as H-A Design Studio to do it for you.

Change Drapes and Upholstery

Nothing radically changes the house’s interior outlook more than the drapes and the upholstery. There are millions of options, and the best interior design upholstery can be found in one of the most underrated places.

If you want to change the drapes, visit Ichra Bazar or Shah Alam Market in Lahore to source your material and finish it on time.

One of the main things to remember is to match the drapes with your paint so everything looks harmonious and in sync.

Change Lighting

change home interior lighting

If it is wedding season and you have yet to consider changing the lighting in your house, you are missing something big.

Lighting changes the mood and the overall look. No matter how much you change the drapes, paint, or furniture style, not positively changing the light will reduce it to nothing.

Consider changing your traditional bulbs with LEDs, as they are efficient and come in various colours.

Use warm colours such as yellow tint for the larger rooms where there is a need for more light. In rooms, white light LEDs will improve the overall space perception.

Stick to One Theme Per Room

The secret of interior design is to choose one theme per room and stick to it. Professional interior designers like H-A Design Studio sit down with their clients and present them with a theme that resonates with them.

This makes the whole process free of confusion, and your house’s final look is always amazing. But as you have decided to do it DIY, choose the theme beforehand and stick to it for your rooms.

You should not change the theme mid-way. As this will make the house look odd. You can also look for amazing design ideas, but make sure you take notes, create mood boards for each room, and decide where each section should go.

This includes the furniture, upholstery, bed sheets, sofas, and lighting. You can blend the traditional with modern style, but this is also tricky.

Steps for Perfect Interior Design

Perfect Interior Design

If, after reading all this, you need clarification, you are not alone. Designing interiors is difficult, and going with the theme is even more difficult.

Again, hiring an interior designer is the best thing to do as they will be responsible for all the weightlifting while you just sit and see the results and transformation.

If you have decided to start it yourself, divide your whole process into 4 steps.

  1. Decide the Theme
  2. Source materials
  3. Hire workmen such as electricians, woodworkers, and painters
  4. Spend some time with the men and instruct as per your theme and mood board

It is not as hard as it looks. You just have to invest time and some resources. The result will be astonishing for the best of your wedding season.


wedding in lahore

Wedding season and interior design go hand in hand. This is true for the wedding season in Lahore as it is always something extra and exciting given its tradition. Families in Punjab also invite many people, and a change in the interior is always a good idea to give the guests a new outlook and amaze them.

If you are, however, short on time and want to do it like a professional without worrying about the whole process, hiring a professional interior designer is always a good idea. This saves you a lot of time and resources, which you can invest in wedding preparations.

H-A Design Studio offers a free first consultation to decide what suits you best. Visit one of our offices and let us make it easy for you.