Top Renovation Company Singapore You Must Know

Every house needs renovation at some point during its lifetime. Renovating a building involves more than just changing its layout. It not only enables you to alter the structure of the building but also helps you completely remodel your house. Actually, it is a chance for us to reevaluate how we relate to others, our friends and families, and most importantly, to ourselves.

Do you intend to renovate the functionality, and worth of your house? Fortunately for you, we have top renovation company Singapore in the post. These are our top recommendations for Singaporean home renovation companies to help you enjoy the greatest remodeling experience.

What services can a renovation company offer you?


Your home remodeling aspirations might come true with the help of a qualified remodeling company. Whether you want a new balcony, kitchen, skylight in the living room, or perhaps just a new style for the house, we can make it happen. Renovation companies are experts in these kinds of projects.

A new look

Renovations are fantastic if the homeowner wants to give their home a fresh look and a comfortable atmosphere. Sometimes homes lose their comfort and require additional furniture, more space, or a straightforward new design. Renovation firms can undoubtedly provide anyone with these things.



Only the best in the industry should be employed by renovation companies; all workers and subcontractors should be extremely professional and have a wealth of industry expertise.

A significant plus is creativity, but it’s also necessary to have the aptitude and skills to make a design come to life. In order to get a good job, a homeowner needs to conduct research to discover a very professional organization.

Design sense


Most of the time, home owners know what they want done to their properties; they just don’t know how to say it. The design staff of refurbishment businesses does a great job of bringing the homeowners’ ideas to life in a unique and appealing way.

Also, if the homeowner is only seeking to refurbish one room, they will make sure that it blends in with the rest of the property. They can always offer excellent solutions for the house to seem great in all conceivable ways.

Top renovation company Singapore you must know in 2024



Weiken is a Singaporean interior design company with more than 25 years of expertise in the industry. They specialize in the design and renovation of home and workplace furnishings.

It includes a sizable team of carpenters, interior designers, renovation experts, and project managers. What finally sets it apart from other renovators is the focus it places on use rather than beauty.

Weiken specializes in the design and renovation of home and workplace furnishings.

Weiken gained a reputation for their distinctive, imaginative, cutting-edge, and aesthetically pleasing interior design solutions. This well-known design company is ready to give you the best “one-stop solution” for interior design and home improvement.


The vision of Weiken is to become a well-known and favored home interiors brand in Singapore and Asia. Additionally, Weiken provides renovations for landed homes, condos, and commercial spaces in addition to a wide variety of HDB interior design in Singapore.

Plus, their interior design philosophy mixes the most recent developments in design with sustainability to produce a home that reflects your personality. You can be certain of receiving top-notch customer service and work because more than 408 projects have been completed in the last 24 years.

They also provide a 2-year warranty on repairs resulting from renovations. The business carries out both domestic and business projects.

Juz Interior

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Juz Interior provides a comprehensive variety of renovation services and has a reputation for creating beautiful yet practical houses. They specialize in project management, bespoke design, visualization drawings, and in-house carpentry services. Using the most cutting-edge technology available, they will also remodel your environments.

Juz Interior has a reputation for creating beautiful yet practical houses.

They offer renovated HDBs, condominiums, and landed homes, so you may browse through a range of home themes to find the one that best meets your interests. Juz Interior’s primary objective is to offer its clients a service that is completely transparent, from straightforward communication through a successful refurbishment.


Qanvast is undoubtedly passionate about providing knowledgeable advice to a range of clientele as they renovate their homes. They most certainly deserve to be at the top of our list of Singapore’s top remodeling companies!

More than 25,000 Singaporean homeowners have used Qanvast to identify interior designers that can meet their needs and tastes. It is often examined to guarantee its dependability and provide homeowners with security when using its platform.

Discounts on appliances and furniture are another perk of contacting Qanvast, making it an excellent choice for individuals wishing to cut renovation costs.

Thomson Renovation

In its ten years of operation, Thomson Renovation has completed more than 500 projects and renovations in Singapore’s homes and businesses. These include remodeling work for all different kinds of houses as well as commercial buildings of various shapes and sizes.

Thomson Renovation has remodeling work for all different kinds of houses as well as commercial buildings

People prefer Thomson Renovation because no renovation project is too small or large for its crew. Even straightforward restoration tasks like painting the walls and ceilings receive the same attention as other projects.

The Interior Lab


The Interior Lab places a strong emphasis on close personal care, with diligent designers.

The Interior Lab is a strong 15-person team of committed designers. The company creates stunning residences that are not only aesthetically lovely but also useful. It is inventive, creative, and one of a kind.

The Interior Lab places a strong emphasis on close personal care, with diligent designers maintaining constant contact with their customers even after the project is finished.



Jaystone is renowned for providing comprehensive remodeling services in one location, including project management, conceptualization, project budgeting, and consultation.

Jaystone’s renovation services also cover carpentry, painting, waterproofing, plumbing, and electrical work.

It specializes in all forms of renovation work, whether it be for a little apartment or a sizable landed property. It is made up of skilled carpenters, interior designers, and tilers who may think of many ways to improve your house.

Its renovation services also cover carpentry, painting, waterproofing, plumbing, electrical work, and the installation of doors and windows. Since it is a direct contractor and does not incur middleman costs, its services are more affordable than those of other Singapore contractors.



It can be challenging to choose the best renovation contractor for your home. We hope that our list of the best renovation companies in Singapore has helped you make your decision. Any of these alternatives will unquestionably help you realize the look you want for your ideal home.