How To Keep Curly Wigs Moisturized?

Curly wigs get tangled within no time. You can try detangling them or washing them with shampoo; however, they are just temporary solutions, and your wig will go back to its tangled state in no time. Thus, the best solution to this is to keep your curly wig moisturized.

Moisturized wigs not only look healthy and sleek but also do not get tangled. Just like your natural hair, your wig needs regular maintenance too. However, unlike them, these hairs do not get any sebum or oils from your scalp, and thus, with time, they often get frizzy and dried. So, how do you provide the required moisture to them?

Do not worry! This guide speaks about the basics that you need to know on how to manage and keep your curly hair wig moisturized. According to HeyHair7, you must always buy high-quality curly hair wigs so that you do not have to face such problems.

How To Moisturize Them?

First and foremost, make sure you spray enough moisturizer on the hair. You can either use any cream (usually spelled as crème), or any serum, or spray moisturizer.

Every human hair requires three key elements to stay healthy. These include protein, moisture, and lubricants. Although the purest and best form of moisture is natural water, it is impossible to walk around with wet hair all day long. Besides, water dries out fast and leaves the wig with a dry texture and rough look. To fix this problem, you can follow two methods:

  • Use any water-based moisturizer
  • Seal that moisture in your wig 

Why Use A Water-based Moisturizer?


Before purchasing any moisturizer, make sure you check the “first” ingredients first. While looking at the ingredients, see if it has water mentioned as one of its first ingredients. If it has, you can rest assured that your product/ moisturizer is water-based.

Similarly, if the product ingredient list contains oil as the first ingredient, your moisturizer is oil-based. Ideally, both these moisturizers consist of several other ingredients like humectants and emollients that help the wig to trap in moisture from the air and thereby softens it.

You must be wondering why a water-based moisturizer is vital? Well, when you use a water-based moisturizer, it makes sure that the curly wig retains and gets enough moisture that it requires.  Although you can use oils on this hair at any point, you must know that they do not provide the required amount of moisture needed by the wig. These oils based moisturizers can be used to provide lubrication and proteins. Hence, when it comes to moisturizing curly original human hair or even curly wig, it is best if you,

  • Use a water-based moisturizer
  • Look for a moisturizer that does not contain any mineral oil
  • Opt for any plant-based kinds of butter or oils ( natural)

Follow This Quick Moisturizing Tip Fix

To give this hair a quick/temporary fix of moisture, take a spray pump and fill it with 10% glycerine and 90% water. Spray it all over your hair and mist it. However, make sure you don’t forget to spray at the ends because they are the most affected areas. We have explained in detail how you can keep your curly wig moisturized.

How To Revive The Curly Hair Wig?

1. Spray Water On These Hair


Take a spray bottle, fill it with water, and leave it in the conditioner. Mix it and spray it on these strands.

2. Detangle The Knots


Well, a curly tangled wig is full of tangles. Undoubtedly, you will need a huge dedication and patience to detangle it. Take a wide-tooth comb and a bowl of water. With this, you can easily detangle the hair.

Make sure you use a wide-tooth comb; else, it might result in excessive breakage. Moreover, always start detangling right from the ends of the strands and then move upwards to prevent breakage. When you notice knots, use fingers to loosen them as fingers are the best detangler for curly hair or wig. Choosing the right curly wig is extremely important, so you need to do proper research and find an appropriate one.  So, in order not waiting musch time, check

3. Wash your Wig


While you wash this hair, make sure you do not go harsh on your wig. Be extremely gentle and wash it using lukewarm water. Keep in mind that whatever you do with your natural hair cannot be done with the wig. It would help if you were extra careful while dealing with them.

4. Air Dry the wig


Always air dry your wig. One of the most important things you need to keep in mind is that you should cut down the use of heating and styling products to the extent possible. Hot rollers, dryers, and Curling irons can affect the wig adversely, thereby burning it and making it frizzy. Air-dry it, and you’re good to go!

Should You Use Vaseline To Smooth Your Curly Wigs?

A majority of people use Vaseline(petroleum jelly) at the ends of their wig to smoothen it. However, it is recommended that mineral oils or mineral oil-based products should not be used on wigs. In case you notice dry, rough, and frizzy ends on your wig, you can always go for oils that can provide nourishment as well as smoothen it simultaneously.

Mineral oils usually sit on the surface and coat the hair. There is no doubt that it makes the hair smooth and shiny, but it also restrains moisture from entering the hair shaft, and let’s be honest, nobody wants to experience breakage.

Final Word

Now that you know moisturizing your curly hair wig doesn’t include much, you can now bring the lifeless wigs back to life with good care and maintenance. Do not throw them away just because the hair has become dry or frizzy.

Moisturizing and maintaining curly wigs does not require much. However, it definitely involves a set of steps that need to be followed. Make sure you follow the right method and steps to get started. Also, follow the precautions we have mentioned in this article to ensure that your curly wig stays in tip-top conditions for many years to come.