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Learning Spanish Through the Best Spanish TV Series

Thanks to the possibility of being connected to the Internet from all our devices, we are living in an era where digital platforms that offer audiovisual content for entertainment are booming worldwide.

And it is thanks to these platforms that we can watch an unlimited amount of series and movies. The menu available to the viewer is genuinely immense; joining all the platforms available today, we could say that it is practically infinite.

The best part is that they give us access to series and movies from different countries, which allows the public to know and learn about other cultures and customs foreign to their own.

In fact, watching series and movies spoken in other languages is a great way to learn a new language. More and more people are choosing to manage content in a foreign language to incorporate it.

The exciting thing is that learning methods have expanded; watching a series in the language you are studying is a great way to practice. Learning with Expanish is ideal, you can click here for more information, also accompanying it with this type of activity is optimal.

For this reason, we will talk about the best Spanish series to watch in their original language to practice the language while being entertained by these great masterpieces.

Aitch (Hache)


If your dream is to learn spanish barcelona, but you don’t have enough money to make the trip, we recommend this series set in the same city but during the 60s. This Netflix series tells the story of a woman named Helena, played by Adriana Ugarte, who gets involved with a heroin trafficking gang. She is a prostitute manipulated by the gang’s boss, Malpica. As time goes by, she wins the love and trust of the mobster, but when he betrays her, she decides to take revenge. She becomes the new boss of the biggest drug gang in the city.

This is a thriller that shows the dark side of Barcelona during that time. A very entertaining series, which offers eight chapters of 50 minutes each, will allow you to learn Spanish without realizing it while having fun.

Money Heist (La casa de Papel)


This series was an absolute furor, breaking all the stereotypes of the seventh Spanish art. Adored and watched all over the globe, this series promises to leave you perplexed and on the edge of your seat with every episode.

The series tells the story of several characters involved in pulling off the heist of the century, a robbery at the Mint. A magnificent combination of different genres, such as thriller, action, intrigue, and the most peculiar characters, make it one of the most successful Spanish series of recent times.

Don’t miss this marvel and start practicing your Spanish with Nairobi, Tokyo, and the Professor.

The Ministry of Time (El Ministerio del Tiempo)


A series that has been highly awarded since its inception in 2015. We are talking about a total of 25 awards given by different entities in the entertainment world.

In this series, you can follow the life of Julian, a nurse played by Rodolfo Sancho, who goes through a great depression following the death of his wife. Julián is recruited by the head of the Ministry of Time, who explains to him how the time doors work and what his job is all about. Thus, Julian embarks on an adventure to locate a soldier in the nineteenth century and fight against those who want to manipulate the history of Spain for their benefit or even to benefit other countries.



A biographical-historical series that portrays the life of Queen Isabella the Catholic. Despite its historical tinge, the strip focuses more on the development of the characters and their humanity than on the war conflicts.

The daughter of Isabella of Portugal inherits the throne to become the Queen of Castile, known as Isabella the Catholic.

The series shows Isabel with grit, guts, and strength; despite being young, she is not afraid to face the court to assert her performance in positions only assigned to men.



This series was a huge success, becoming one of the most watched foreign fiction on the Netflix platform, with more than 127 million viewers.

The story takes place in a very exclusive school in Spain, where the sons and daughters of the country’s most influential and wealthiest people attend, the children of the elite. However, due to an earthquake that destroyed the city’s public school, many students attending there must be distributed among the other schools in the area.

This is how three lower-class teenagers (Christian, Samuel, and Nadia) come to study in Las Encinas, which generates a big fight between classes that ends with a murder.

Learning and practicing Spanish with this group of passionate and dazzling young people is a must!



A spectacular police drama, produced by Isabel Peña and Rodrigo Sorogoyen, beautifully filmed and excellently acted, which could be considered one of the best Spanish series.

It is a miniseries that shows how police riot squads work. The narrative is full of tension due to the generated conflicts, approached from a very realistic point of view.

It tells how during an eviction by Osorio, the leader of the riot patrol in Madrid, one of the people resisting the eviction loses his life. Thus, internal affairs must get involved to investigate the event.

We hope this article will significantly help you; so far, we have mentioned some of the best (according to our criteria) Spanish series you can watch to learn more about the language and have fun at the same time. Have a marathon of your favorite Spanish succession, and start practicing!