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Benefits Of Screen Recorders For Making Tutorial Videos

With constant technological advancement and the urge to create something even better, the human brain has been able to invent various innovative tools and software to make life easier and more productive. One such achievement is the devising of screen recorders.

Unline screenshots that store stationary pictures, a screen recorder allows one to record a moving frame and share it with others. With the help of these recorders, one can save anything on your device, from video calls, movies, gameplay, or anything running on the device.

Screen recorders are available for both Android as well as Windows devices. One can find a free windows screen recorder at One can record tons of clips about any content through these recorders, including online streaming videos, video songs, soundtracks, and much more.

One of the best use of these software tools is to create tutorial videos, also referred to as instructional videos or how-to guides. These recorders allow one to demonstrate a process step-by-step to the viewers. The tutorial can also include web-based platforms or any software that one would like others to work upon with the help of a tutorial video.

What Is A Screen Recorder?


A screen recorder is a free software tool or application that captures any activity running on your electronic device. It lets the user edit and upload the recorded screen on several streaming platforms like Youtube or export it to other video formats. The surprising part of these tools is that even though they are called screen recorders, they can also perfectly capture sound.

Many smartphones now have a built-in screen recorder to capture all the lovely clips they wish to save. But desktops require reliable and easy-to-use third-party screen recording applications for this purpose.

Role Of Screen Recorders In Creating Tutorial Videos

As mentioned earlier, making tutorial videos is one of the most productive uses of these tools. They are very easy tools to use, making learning anything practical fun and engaging. Depending upon the content and topic of discussion, one can either choose to record the device’s entire screen or just a particular section of the screen.

One can identify the everyday problems people face when doing a specific task and provide step-by-step guidance for the job by using a screen recorder. The captured clips can either be outsourced as private videos designed for a particular group of people with authorized access to them or as an online video for anyone to learn.

These applications also support front-camera recording, allowing the user to record himself and the screen simultaneously. It is advantageous when a tutorial video needs to look and feel more interactive.

What Are Tutorial Videos Used For?


Tutorial videos or how-to guides have applications in all industries ranging from technology and crafts to cooking and make-up. The tutorial creator can be a gamer, a cook, a baker, a fitness trainer, or anyone who is eager to share their knowledge with others. These videos are very effective for learners as they can adjust the speed according to their understanding and pause whenever they have a doubt.

However, very few people realize how essential tutorial videos are for training a company’s employees in their respective tasks. Tutorial videos are excellent tools for remote work and learning, especially when an increasing number of people have opted to work from home. They are helpful for businesses as well as customers.

A SaaS business can educate and train its customers about a new product through tutorials. The users find watching and learning through a tutorial much easier and more enjoyable than reading a product manual.

A company can use these how-to tools for the following purposes:

  • Training customers and newly joined employees about the product
  • Guiding onboarding employees about the work they will be doing in the organization
  • Teaching employees how to update their data in the company’s preferred data storage techniques like excel sheets or online company portals.

How Do Screen Recorders Help In Making Tutorial Videos?


As a beginner, creating an instructional video might be challenging for some. One needs the right tools and skills to develop a helpful how-to guide. However, screen recorders make this task relatively easy. One need not worry about a camera setup or lighting. As the learners will be viewing the creator’s screen through the screen recorder, lighting and camera play a minimal role in making these videos.

Listed below are some benefits of using a screen recorder for making tutorial videos:

Provides Easy Accessibility

This feature is convenient for the work-from-home or remote staff. The learners are able to access these videos from any part of the world, even if they are away from their company’s physical location. One only requires an active internet connection and an electronic device to view the clip.

Provides Editing Features Through A Single Platform


These practical applications are just named screen recorders. However, they can perform other functional tasks as well. They come with in-built editing tools which let the creator play around with the video and edit it accordingly. Moreover, they also capture audio and can export the created video to various video formats and platforms. The editor does not require a separate editing tool, mic, or clip converter to make changes to their content.

Cutting Down The Costs

Training onboarding employees physically can rip a hole through the company’s pocket as it is an expensive and tedious operation. By creating training videos, a business does not require a training facility and can train its newbies with minimal cost. Moreover, using a screen recorder doesn’t need lights and external cameras. Hence, using it can be a cost-effective way to educate the newly joined workforce. Additionally, it can save a lot of time in planning and organizing the training event.

The Bottom Line

Screen recorders are an excellent tool for capturing the device’s screen and making handy instructional video content for learners. They provide a single video service for recording, editing, uploading, and exporting media. One can benefit a lot from these applications to create excellent tutorial videos.