38 Hot Boobs Photos of Lena Heady That Will Make Your Day

Lena Heady, the name will always sound familiar to generations because of the legendary web series Game of Thrones. But besides that, she has done quite remarkable work in films like “300”, its sequel and “The Brothers Grimm”. 

Lena is a versatile actress with a lot of experience in her pocket. In the beginning, she did a small role in the film “Waterland” and her career started taking off gradually but she had a long way to go. In 1994, she did a small part in “The Jungle Book” and her series of small roles continued with films like “Mrs. Dalloway”, “Onegin” and some more.

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At last in 2000, she got a lead in the movie “Aberdeen” and won the Silver Iris Award for best actress. Lena played an interesting role in the 2002 British-American mystery drama “Possession”. But all of these small roles weren’t enough to radiate her talent nor did it justify her abilities as an actor. 

Then in 2005, Lena got selected for the film “The Brothers Grimm”, and with the releases of this film, the wider audience became aware of Lean’s existence and performance. The year 2007 further strengthen her career as she played the Queen Gorgo, in “300”. After a few more years Game of Thrones started and thanks to her friend and co-star Peter Dinklage, she was selected as Queen Cercy. The rest of the story is known to many of us and needs no further telling.

Lena Heady is just not beautiful but also possesses an irresistible power to attract people. At least I think so when I look at her. I have gathered some hot boobs photos of Lena Heady to share with you and see if you too think the same. So, off you go!