18 Exquisitely Sexy Photos of Alba August

Coming from a Danish-Swedish family, Alba August is Scandinavia’s one of the brightest actresses today. In just a few years, what she has done is incredible. Both of her parents are accomplished in filmmaking; her father Bille August is a Danish director and mother Pernilla August is a Swedish actress-director. 

Thanks to her family’s expertise in the complex are of cinema, Alba has her natural ability to act and persuade people to drive towards the screen. Recently, she worked in the first-ever Danish web series on Netflix, The Rain. It’s a coming of age drama based on a post-apocalyptic Scandinavia. 

Other than this, Alba has worked the famous director Pernille Fischer Christensen for the film “Becoming Astrid”. The story is based on the author Astrid Lindgren’s life as she became the third-most translated children’s writer. Another interesting film of her is ‘Irl’ by Erik Leijonborg has helped her to establish her influence in the Danish film industry.

From all the information we have on Alba August and her elegant art of acting the world has witnessed, it’s about time we enlist her as a soon-to-become sensational personality. In an interview, she said, “My dream is to play as different characters as possible and to be able to mix theater with films and TV series.”.  

Alba August is really that kind of actress who can kill you by acting and bury you with a cold and sexy look. I know many of you haven’t yet had the opportunity to come across her so I have made the arrangements. These are some of her hot pictures that’d stimulate anyone in the right mood. Over to you…

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