How To Maximize the Life of Your Vape’s Battery

Purchasing a vape is a big deal – it marks the moment you’ve successfully switched from smoking to vaping. Now that you’ve bought your vaping device, keeping it up and running is the next logical step.

If you’re looking to use your vape for quite some time, you should pay attention to device maintenance practices, especially the battery. You don’t have to be a vaping whizz for this; following a few simple steps to ensure the battery is all good to go will do.

According to Provape, vaping batteries last, on average, 6-12 months, determined by the type. However, there are some obvious ways to maximize the life of your e-cigarette’s batteries. Let’s reveal some pretty valuable tips and tricks, so continue reading to get the scoop.

Always Use the Right Batteries

The type you use will determine the battery it runs on. For example, some batteries are best for low-wattage vaping, while others are ideal for sub-ohm vaping.

If you use it on the go often, the smartest thing to do is to choose a battery with a high mAh. This measure determines how long you can use before the battery runs out of juice.

Mods usually come with the most versatile range of choices regarding the battery’s lifespan.

Choosing a battery with a minimum of 2,000 mAh, or ideally, 3,000 mAh and up, will translate to using for a long time. Therefore, we know that: the more significant the mAh rating, the longer your battery’s lifespan.

Use E-Liquids With Higher Strength


Avoid making a rookie mistake and pairing high-wattage with low-strength e-liquids.
Doing this would require a 3ml or 6ml juice to get a pleasing hit without overusing nicotine.

Now, the trouble with this issue is that it negatively impacts the battery’s life. Ultimately, you would need more frequently and at a higher power setting to get the nicotine hit you crave – which will lead to quick battery drainage.

Using a higher-strength juice will bypass this issue. Opt for e-liquids containing a higher dose of nicotine to avoid repeatedly puffing to get the hit you crave.

A 12ml of nicotine e-liquid will do the trick – it will satiate your nicotine cravings and save the battery from “working overtime.”

Try Temperature-Control Mode

Vaping in the variable wattage mode means your battery disperses the power throughout the puff, precisely delivering what’s needed – power-wise.

TC (temperature control) vaping differs from VW (variable wattage). TC vaping means that the minute the coil reaches the preset temperature, the wats is automatically reduced, maintaining the temperature and not exceeding it.

This works wonders for your battery – it keeps it running at a steady pace, not overheating, and not underperforming. To be able to vape in TC mode, you’ll need a compatible coil. Ones made of stainless steel, titanium, or nickel will do.

Lower the Power Setting


A high-wattage battery is the right choice if you enjoy massive vapor clouds. However, you should know that this type of battery draws more current and drains it faster, so it won’t be much used in the long run. To prolong your battery’s lifespan, you should consider other options.

Lowering the power setting can be the best thing you do to keep your battery running longer. A simple power shift from 50W to 25W will make all the difference. It won’t cut back on your vaping experience significantly, and it will prolong the lifespan.

Use High-Resistance Coils

High-resistance coils that work just fine with lower wattages are perfect for MTL (Mouth-To-Lung) vaping style.

Vape tanks with a more straightforward design usually use high-resistance coils, and you can expect to experience a decent vaping sesh with as little as 20W. High-resistance coils work wonders when paired with higher-strength juices – you’ll get the hit you’re after without burning through your battery.

Be a Mindful Vaper


Whenever you’re not using your vape, turn it off. This simple habit will preserve life and have you enjoy your vape longer.

Today, advanced vape mods come with tiny screens that display all the necessary info on the vaping mode, but they also drain the battery, although not massively so.

Now, while turning your vape off when not in use is the best way to preserve battery life, if your vape mod comes with a Stealth Mode, you can switch it on to maximize the lifespan. The Stealth Mode turns off the display, even when the vape’s in use.

Keep the Battery Clean

It takes as little as accidentally spilling some vape juice over the battery for it to become dirty. Also, carrying your batteries on you in your pockets or your purse might cause them to become a breeding ground for residue and dirt.

Regularly cleaning will work wonders for the lifespan and for the overall vaping experience, too. A dirty battery will weaken the connection to the gadget, making the battery work “overtime” to deliver enough power for you to vape.

Use the Battery Regularly


When you own a vape, using it regularly without long pauses between sessions can maintain a healthy life. If your vape is all charged up but left unused, it drains pointlessly.

Make sure you use the vape regularly, even if only for a short time. This keeps the battery up and running correctly.

Conclusion: Maximizing the Lifespan of Your Vape’s Battery

Since you’ve decided to take on vaping, caring for your vape is the next logical step.

You wouldn’t want to look back and realize you’ve thrown money down the drain on a vape that could have lasted you for longer if you had paid attention to its upkeep.

From using the right kind of batteries to choosing vape juices with higher strength, there’s plenty you can do to see your vape last longer.

Be a mindful vaper and turn off the vape when you aren’t using it, and don’t let the vape just sit there, draining battery power for nothing. A conscious vaper always goes the extra mile to maintain their vape to enjoy it longer.