How Often Should You Take CBD Oil During the Day?

The entire world probably already knows that there are benefits to CBD oils. If some still doubt, they probably haven’t figured out that this is legal and beneficial, other part of marijuana, according to all research is highly beneficial to our health.

Cannabidiol or CBD has exploded in popularity with so many claims, and now research backing that it treats stuff like insomnia, sore muscles, headaches, muscle tissue recovery and so much more. You can consume it two ways – like oil by dripping it in your mouth and swallowing it or inhale it as a vapour with one of those vaping pens. Without any doubt, CBD is a component of marijuana, and we already said that, but it is the good component, the one that doesn’t get you high, gives you that cravings or any of those feelings that THC provides when you smoke it.

The benefits of this oil are so good that we even have one prescription CBD-based medication that is capable of treating two rare forms of childhood epilepsy. The research on what else CBD oils are good for is still wide and ongoing, and most of it now is based on personal experience and unproven animal studies.

Since we are mentioning animals, we need to say that there are CBD oils that are given to animals as well to make them more demure, calm and cool or to treat some kind of illnesses that traditional animal medicine isn’t helping with.


With all this aside at the start, we want to tell you about one thing that is constantly asked. There are so many things that people still do not know about CBD, but with so many users there is information out there that can be beneficial to you except one that needs to be pretty straightforward. Dosages and the amount of CBD you can take each day is a highly talked about topic as well as highly confronted. Well today, with a little help from we will answer that question the best way we can and know.

When it comes to the question of how often you need to take CBD oils we must start by asking –

What are you trying to achieve?

Depending on the answer the dosage can be determined and the effects will kick in fast or slow over time. Since we determined that these oils are beneficial to our body and since we know that both regular people and athletes are using these oils in certain forms to help them get better or to heal faster, you need to know the answer to the question we asked you.

If you are using CBD oils to boost your immune system and to increase the state of your overall health you can take a little bit of the oil each day. This is an interesting dosage because it can easily happen that you don’t feel anything for the entire day or a few days, or you may instantly feel something. This is based on your organism and its power to take in and process the things that CBD oil brings in. if you are on a few drops each day for 1 time a day you will probably take some time to feel anything, or you may even not feel anything, but after some time you may see that certain issues you have been having are going away or easing down. These are the effects that you were expecting just not in the way you expected them.


If you are having issues with migraines, or sore muscles, if you are trying to get rid of any issues in particular you may have to up your dosage from one intake of oil per day to maybe two or three per day. This will boost your metabolism faster and make your organism work better in a short period. If you feel like this is too much for you at any point you can easily lower the dosage or the intake time and make it comfortable and safe for yourself. For those with good metabolism and good overall health the amount of CBD oil they need might not be the same as your friend who has a bad immune system and compromised overall health. They might need it more and feel the effect instantly or later on, while you as a healthier individual might need to take less of the amount or fewer times than them.

To best know what amount and how many times you need to take is to check out the bottle of your CBD oil and see what amount of CBD it states it has. If you want to play it safe utilize the mild range of CBD oils that are administered regarding your body weight. If the mild range does not work for you and you do not feel the improvements you can go toward the medium range and increase the dosage or increase the amount of time you take the oils. If still nothing happens then you can go for a high range that might help you in the end. Below will be the chart for these ranges.

Mild range               Medium range                 High Range

46-85lbs – 9mg        46-85lbs – 12mg             46-85lbs – 15mg
86-150lbs – 12mg  86-150lbs – 15mg          86-150lbs – 18mg
151-240lbs – 18mg  151-240lbs – 22.5mg   151-240lbs – 27mg
241+lbs – 22.5mg     241+lbs – 30mg            241+lbs – 45mg


Another thing that raises a lot of questions when CBD oils are considered is the fact that dosages are not all the same for all oils and sometimes, they are not even correct. Since CBD oils are advertised and sold as supplements the FDA does not check these for dosages, levels of CBD and the strength of each bottle of oils. This is what makes this whole deal a bit confusing and why there is so much personal testing. We know people that changed several brands and strengths of these oils until they found what works for them.

This is why you need to find the most reputable store or business that makes and sells these oils because those that are fighting to get recognized on the market as the top brand will focus their attention on these things to provide you with the best experience and the best you are trying to get out of this product. Have that in mind next time you go shopping for your CBD oil.